Golden Globe film prediction scores: Best performances by our Experts, Editors and Users

Golden Globe Film Prediction Scores Jennifer Lawrence The Revenant

Congratulations to LordAbraham for a very impressive top score of 85.71% predicting the 2015 Golden Globe film winners on Sunday. He also had a point total of 10,507 by using his 500 and 200 point bets wisely.

Over 2,000 people worldwide predicted the winners in all 14 categories. Among our scoring champ’s best picks were “The Revenant” for Best Drama and Best Director, “Steve Jobs” for Best Screenplay, Jennifer Lawrence (“Joy“) for Best Comedy/Musical Actress, and Sylvester Stallone (“Creed“) for Best Supporting Actor.

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You can see how your score compares to his in our leaderboard rankings of all contestants, which also includes links to see each participant’s predictions. Or you can find your score by clicking on “My Award Scores,” which appears in the gold menu bar when you’re signed in to your account.

For his efforts, LordAbraham wins a $100 Amazon gift card, pending Gold Derby evaluating his eligibility based upon our contest rules.

Among the predictor groups, the best performance was a tie between by our Experts, Editors and overall Users with 50% accuracy. The Top 24 Users (those two dozen folks who had done the best predicting last year’s winners) were at the bottom with 42.86% right. Click each link in the previous sentence or in our accuracy chart to see these scores for yourself.

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For the 21 Experts predicting Globe film winners, there is a five-way tie with 58% correct between Matt Atchity (Rotten Tomatoes), Christopher Rosen (Entertainment Weekly), Nicole Sperling (Entertainment Weekly), Sasha Stone (Awards Daily), and Susan Wloszczyna (

Following them are a group of six Experts tied with 50% accuracy: Pete Hammond (Deadline), Matthew Jacobs (Huffington Post), Jack Mathews (Gold Derby), Tom O’Neil (Gold Derby), Kevin Polowy (Yahoo), and Paul Sheehan (Gold Derby).

The next tie is at 43% between Edward Douglas (Weekend Warrior), Scott Mantz (Access Hollywood), Michael Musto (, Keith Simanton (IMDB), Anne Thompson (Thompson on Hollywood), and Peter Travers (Rolling Stone).

The final two groups are Michael Hogan (Vanity Fair) and Tariq Khan (Fox News) with 36% right and Thelma Adams (Gold Derby) and Glenn Whipp (L.A. Times) with 29% correct.

Among the five Editors, Rob Licuria and I are in first place with 50% correct. We then have a tie between Marcus Dixon, Daniel Montgomery, Matt Noble at 43%.

See the separate rankings of our Experts, Editors and Users in our special leaderboards that feature top scores per group.

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