Golden Globes and Oscar predictions smackdown: Tariq Khan vs. Tom O’Neil

Of all award pundits, I love to battle with Tariq Khan (Fox News) the most. He knows the estoterica, trivia, history and logic of awardsology and he matches me blow for blow when I heap ridicule, abuse, furniture and nuclear weapons upon him.

In our podcast below, we really go it over the Golden Globes race for Best Director, which Tariq believes (for some crazy reason) will go to George Miller (“Mad Max”). I try to pound sense into him, but he fearlessly fights on for his lame pick, saying, “‘Mad Max’ has been such a surprise. It’s done so well with critics awards and nominations for Critics’ Choice and Golden Globes. It’s had a real resurgence in recent weeks. It’s only got two Globe nominations. They’re not going to give ‘Mad Max ‘Best Drama Picture, so this is the only place they’re going to vote for it. I think he wins.”

Of course, he’s wrong, but Tariq’s right about so many other awards that I let him emerge from our throwdown alive. Do you think he’s right? Or I’m wrong? See Tariq’s predictions here. See how they stack up against other predix here.

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