Golden Globes TV predictions: ‘Transparent’ & ‘Stranger Things’ will win says Top 24 User Lars Hendrikx

Gold Derby user Lars Hendrikx (screen name Palmboom) did so well at predicting last year’s Golden Globes TV nominations — 22nd place out of more than 1,500 predictors — that he’s now featured in a league along with the other Top 24 Users to forecast this year’s noms. Can YOU take him down this year? Below, see this reader’s current Golden Globes picks and then be sure to make your own predictions.

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“My picks for the noms for Best Comedy Series would have to be ‘Transparent,’ ‘Divorce,’ ‘Atlanta,’ ‘Veep and ‘Black-ish,'” says Hendrikx. “All of these shows are doing incredibly well and I feel they all invigorated the genre of Comedy. ‘Transparent’ would have to be my choice to win this award. The two-time Golden Globe winner (Jeffrey Tambor for Best Comedy Actor and the show itself for Best Comedy Series, both in 2015) has defined comedy in a subtle way that’s very attracting to both the general public and the fans. Jeffrey Tambor is a great actor and hasn’t just taken on the role of Maura Pfefferman, but he embodies Maura perfectly. His and Judith Light’s Globes notices are well deserved. This show perfectly captures the way a thought can envelop into a life-changing experience. I’m very glad that this show was made, as it shows a side of life that most people haven’t caught a glimpse of.

“To me, 2016 is a very refreshing year when you consider all the new drama series that were added to the small screen. We have Anthony Hopkins in a desolate theme park, we have a brand new epic concerning royalty and we have the dramatic horror that is ‘Stranger Things.’ All of these shows are worth mentioning in the race for Best Drama Series, along with the shortly older ‘Mr. Robot’ and the grand fantasy ‘Game of Thrones.’ These five shows are, in my humble opinion, the top contenders for the Golden Globe for Best Drama. Starting with the older shows we have ‘Game of Thrones’ as a usual top contender, who was beat by ‘Mr. Robot’ last year. ‘Thrones’ experienced a very good season this year, especially the episodes directed by Emmy-winner Miguel Sapochnik. ‘Battle of the Bastards’ formed the most enthralling battle scene I have seen in a long time. ‘The Winds of Winter,’ the last episode of Season 6, ended the year with a bang (quite literally) and prepared the fans for what is sure to be a fascinating ending.

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“Since its start in 2015, ‘Mr. Robot’ has taken over the world with its freshness and hacked into the brains of thousands upon thousands of people. The acting is amazing, with kudos going towards Rami Malek and Christian Slater in particular. It managed to beat ‘Game of Thrones’ at the Globes in its first year and pulled off a great second season, with multiple episodes getting a rating higher than a 9 on IMDb.

“As for new series, I think that three shows that have only just premiered will receive Best Drama noms this year. First off we have ‘Westworld.’ Just 10 episodes strong, this show has overwhelmed its audience and reached the top of modern day entertainment. It has a strong cast, sporting Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, James Marsden, Ed Harris, Luke Hemsworth and of course Hopkins, who received a lot of praise for his performance. Although people are raving about this show immensely, I don’t think it has developed itself enough to win Best Drama. It might be that it will be honored next year or a few years down the line.

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“‘The Crown’ is the next new show, featuring the same amount of episodes as ‘Westworld.’ It’s being watched by many people and it even got the mayor of my town citing it’s an amazing show in an interview not even closely related to the subject of television. Combining the forces of The Doctor and The Trinity Killer –  I mean Matt Smith and John Lithgow – we also have a surprising role for Claire Foy, who is definitely able to pull off the part of a queen. I think people will be comparing this show to ‘Downton Abbey’ and I don’t know whether that’s a good thing. For now, I think we’ll have to wait and see to determine if it’s capable of winning a Best Drama Globe.

“That brings me to my pick to win, ‘Stranger Things.’ Ever since I watched the trailer, I’ve been engrossed by its quality. This show was huge from the start, with the first trailer being seen over 9.6 million times. The show itself has been rated by over 220,000 people on IMDB already. The acting is impeccable, as I have rarely seen young actors show this kind of creativity in this art. The music is beautiful and sets the mood perfectly. This show builds up suspense in a way that seldom has been seen and is one of the most addicting shows that have been around in a long time. This show is the epitome of just right.”

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