Grammy Awards 2016: Our forums firestorm about Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and … ?

Grammy Awards 2016 forums firestorm Taylor Swift Lady Gaga Justin Bieber

Monday’s Grammy Awards sent our forum posters into a frenzy! Was Taylor Swift really dissing Kanye West? How did Kendrick Lamar lose Album of the Year after so many other wins? Was the Lady Gaga tribute to David Bowie fantastic or a failure? And how about Justin Bieber actually winning his first Grammy?

Below, just a sample of their fiery reactions to this year’s winners, losers, and performances. Read more of their posts and add your own here.

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Zayner: As much as I wanted To Pimp a Butterfly to win, 1989 is truly iconic. Taylor Swift can annoy me a lot but that album kind of is the album of this year.

st_jimmy: Kendrick Lamar and Brittany Howard are both fearless performers and made great albums this year. I guess if you want it you’re going to have to start pandering for it. Worst Grammys of the past 5-6 years (at least) in a landslide.

kingofrapmusic17: Lord. Lord. Lord. I am so angry. Justin Bieber just won a Grammy and Taylor Swift won Album of the Year over Kendrick Lamar…. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO! NO! NO!

GusCruz: Taylor just gave the worst AOTY acceptance speech ever. The shocked look on her face after campaigning desperately was so fake and pathetic. The Kanye West backstabbing was disgusting. She looked angry, vicious. Ugh. And I’m not even mentioning the “I just broke a record” bit.

Jason Travis: Wow no one mentioned ROTY- guess I will- Way to go “Uptown Funk“! Finally a great Record of the Year winner (Sam Smith was good too).

JustGuy89: LOL so much hatred on this forum. reminds me of 2010 all over again. When Queen Taylor won her first AOTY Grammy, rot in your hatred you angry people! Taylor Swift has now made history!!!!!

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BenitoDelicias: Awful show. The performances were so boring, I really don’t get why they planned this show in the order that they did. Way too many slow boring songs one after the next. And with so little awards presented throughout the night it got even more boring. LOL at some of those wins though, at least they kept things interesting for how ridiculous they were.

StallionCity: The GRAMMYs got it right for record and song! Thrilled that Ed Sheeran was awarded for his songwriting abilities! Performances of the night in my opinon go to LAMAR & GAGA for her tribute performance.

Final2: She’s been around for 10 years. A lot of it girls have already popped up (Gaga, Adele & Katy) and Taylor is still on top. Opinions aren’t facts. You don’t like Taylor Swift that doesn’t mean she’s garbage apparently a lot and I’ll repeat ALOT of people including very powerful people in the music business like her and her music.

BamaEd: Yeah, I wasn’t feeling the Lady Gaga performance. I think a great performance of 1-2 songs instead of some Vegas medley (complete with Liza dance break near the end) would have been better.

grekuek: Since I’m not a country music fan, I’ll just say this, whatever it is Sam Hunt does to my erogenous zones, Chris Stapleton does exactly the opposite.

Xtina: You know it’s a really horrible year in music when Meghan Trainor wins Best New Artist. Though, Trainor was the most successful Best New Artist nominee. So, her win is understandable.

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