Grammy predictions: Will Bob Dylan stop Tony Bennett from winning his 13th Traditional Pop Album trophy?

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The recording academy has presented the Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Performance since 1991. Exactly half of those trophies (12 out of 24) have gone to music legend Tony Bennett, including last year when he prevailed with Lady Gaga for their collaboration “Cheek to Cheek.” Is he unstoppable again with Bill Charlap for “The Silver Lining: The Songs of Jerome Kern“?

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We have nine Expert journalists predicting the Grammys, and six of them are expecting Bennett to continue his winning streak, giving him and Charlap 8/13 odds: Phil Gallo, Glenn Gamboa (Newsday), Tim Gray (Variety), Edna Gundersen, Tom O’Neil (Gold Derby) and Paul Sheehan.

Bennett’s track record in this category is even more impressive when you consider that he has only lost twice when nominated, both times to younger crooner Michael Buble, who isn’t in the running this year. But while no one comes close to Bennett’s success in this category, he’s not the only Grammy darling in contention. Nominated in this race for the first-time is 11-time Grammy-champ Bob Dylan for “Shadows in the Night,” on which he covers standards recorded by Frank Sinatra. In December, the Grammys held a tribute concert in honor of Sinatra’s 100th birthday, so Dylan’s album may especially resonate with voters this year.

Indeed, our other three experts are picking Dylan for the win, giving him 2/1 odds: Matthew Jacobs (Huffington Post), Lyndsey Parker (Yahoo Music) and Chris Willman.

Our Editors, we who cover awards year-round for Gold Derby, agree with the consensus that Bennett and Charlap will prevail. Four out of six of us — Marcus Dixon, Rob Licuria, O’Neil and Sheehan — are betting on their “Silver Lining,” while Chris Beachum and I think it’ll be Dylan’s “Shadows.”

But our Top 24 Users, who got the highest scores predicting last year’s winners, differ from the rest of the pack. Nine of them are backing Bob Dylan, compared to eight going with Bennett and Charlap. Another four top users anticipate a win for Josh Groban for “Stages.” At 34-years-old, Groban is the youngest artist in contention here, and he has yet to win a Grammy in any category.

None of our experts, editors, or top users are predicting the last two nominees: “My Dream Duets” by Barry Manilow and “No One Ever Tells You” by comedian and singer Seth MacFarlane. It’s the fifth nomination in this category for Manilow and the second for MacFarlane. Neither has won this award before.

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Shadows in the Night” artwork credit: Columbia Records

“The Silver Lining” artwork credit: RPM/Columbia Records

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