Looking ahead to Grammy Awards 2017: Adele, David Bowie, Kanye West …

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This year’s Grammy Awards were just a few days ago, but if you think it’s too early to start considering next year’s contenders, remember that the recording academy’s eligibility period started way back on October 1, 2015, and ends September 30, 2016. That means we’re already five months in; at this point last year Taylor Swift‘s Album of the Year-winner “1989” had already been released.

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The first big question almost halfway through the eligibility period is whether we’ve already heard next year’s Album of the Year-winner too. Adele‘s “25” was released in November and immediately broke sales records, and in less than three months it has zoomed past “1989’s” sales total. So now that Swift has set the historic precedent of a female artist winning Album of the Year twice in just six years, can Adele do the same just five years after winning for “21”?

Then there’s David Bowie. The legendary British rocker died on January 10, just two days after the release of his final, critically acclaimed album “Blackstar.” Despite a long and celebrated career, Bowie only ever won one Grammy: Best Short Form Video for “Jazzin’ for Blue Jean” in 1984. Will the recording academy finally honor him now? The last time Album of the Year was awarded posthumously was to Ray Charles for “Genius Loves Company” in 2004.

We asked our forum posters to size up the competition for next year’s Grammys, which may also include Kanye West‘s latest, “The Life of Pablo,” and new material by Lady Gaga and Beyonce. Read some of their comments below, and join the discussion.

CordellMartin: Well everyone pencil in Adele for Album of the Year.

Radiomon: I really hope that 2016 will be better than 2015 and an artist can put a wonderful album that upsets Adele in AOTY. We already see Adele winning all the awards for a very similar album. Not again, please.

circa 1993: The vet/alt/rock candidate at the moment is David Bowie. #1 album + critical acclaim + overdue + recent death = potential Grammy bait. The album is going to need to maintain longevity through the year to be a serious AOTY contender. Kanye is NEVER winning AOTY, Gaga could be nominated if she delivers a major comeback, as well as Beyonce.

Daniel B.: I think Bowie’s biggest obstacle is getting the nomination. If he can secure that, he would become the one to beat, and I think even Adele would struggle to win against him.

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Djoko: Adele is going to sweep the Grammys like she did with “21.” There shouldn’t even be a discussion about that. The only question is will she submit “When We Were Young” for Pop Solo and then “Hello” for everything else. As for Bowie, I can see an Album of the Year nomination, but not a win against Adele. “Hotline Bling,” I think, will do very well in the rap categories. I don’t see anything beating it for Rap Performance or Rap Song.

james14: “The Life of Pablo” is finally out, and is a pretty great album from first listen during the live stream premiere (which 20 million people watched, which is pretty amazing for a live stream album event with little-to-no promotion). This doesn’t sound like a real AOTY contender after a couple of misses with much better albums (“MBDTF” and “Yeezus”), but a pretty surefire nominee in Rap Album.

Tyler The Awesome Guy: Oh wow… I can’t believe people are actually saying “Justin Bieber is Grammy-worthy”, and I can’t believe I’m saying it too, but “Love Yourself” is a great song.

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