[POLL] ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ past winners: Who’s the best from all 15 seasons?

Last month, Gordon Ramsay named the 15th winner of “Hell’s Kitchen” — Ariel Malone from Hackensack, New Jersey. She beat out Kristin Barone from Chicago, Illinois in the season finale that aired April 29. How does Ariel stack up to the other 14 champs who’ve come before her? Scroll through the list of past winners in our photo gallery above, and then cast your vote in the poll below.

“Hell’s Kitchen” debuted on May 30, 2005, and has been a staple on the Fox network for nearly a dozen years now. The competition series is infamous for its slew of disastrous contestants and renowned British chef Ramsay’s knack for keeping the censors on their toes.

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However, there has been a bit of controversy with the show over the years. While the winner is supposed to receive a head chef position at one of Ramsay’s restaurants, some champs have come forward saying they were never awarded what they were promised. Ramsay has adamantly denied these claims.

At the Emmy Awards, “Hell’s Kitchen” was nominated five times in the Best Art Direction category (2007-10, 2012) but has yet to win. What did you think of Season 15? Sound off in the comments section below the poll or join the discussion right here in our reality TV forum.

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