‘Horace and Pete’: Will Louis C.K.’s surprise web series be embraced by Emmy voters?

horace and pete louis ck emmy awards

How will “Horace and Pete” be received at the Emmys? The series came out of nowhere, written and directed by Emmy-darling Louis C.K. but released independently on his own website: louisck.net.

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Outside of online juggernauts like Netflix and Amazon, a web series would normally struggle to get on the TV academy’s radar, but this show’s pedigree might make it an exception. In addition to six-time Emmy-winner C.K. and six-time nominee Steve Buscemi in the title roles, the series is packed with Emmy favorites, including Edie Falco, Alan Alda and Jessica Lange, who have 13 Emmys between them.

What’s more, C.K.’s FX series “Louie” isn’t producing new episodes this season, which frees up a few slots in the Emmys’ comedy categories, and fans of his in the academy might go out of their way to seek out this new series to get their yearly Louie fix.

But in this era of digital programming and creative adventurousness on TV, “Horace and Pete” is still a unique departure for the medium, and it would be another unique leap for the TV academy as well.

Our forum posters are currently talking about the series, which has released six episodes as of this writing. What do you think? Read some of their comments below, then click here to join the discussion.

Denis: I enjoyed this a lot, fantastic work.

taloson: Finally watched the first episode and WOW this is stellar stuff. I love the entire cast but especially the great supporting scene-stealers Alan Alda and Jessica Lange. I don’t even know if this counts as a TV series but assuming it is, I would love to see an Emmy push. I imagine Louie wants the work to just exist and doesn’t really care about awards but there’s some major potential here if it’s campaigned right.

Rooney Moore: This show’s format just doesn’t work for me. But glad to see there are people passionate about it, because at least it’s something original. I also sensed that the industry is responding well to this thanks to its stellar cast.

sturnc: If Emmy voters have seen it, it gets in everywhere. It would get noms across the board. If not a lot of voters have seen it, there might be some name-check noms.

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