[WATCH] Josh Thomas (‘Please Like Me’) dishes being both creator and star: ‘I didn’t realize I was the boss for the whole first season’

“I didn’t realize I was the boss for the whole first season,” admits Josh Thomas as we chat via webcam (watch above) about “Please Like Me,” the comedy series he created and stars in that recently wrapped its third season on Pivot. As he explains, “some of the crew started calling me boss as a joke. Then I sort if realized one day that I was. I think somebody was getting fired and they asked me if that was ok, and I was like ‘I don’t know.'”

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Thomas plays Josh, a twentysomething navigating the realities of young adult life in Melbourne Australia. While the series addresses serious issues such as abortion, brain surgery and infidelity it deftly brings humor and fun to the situations. As Thomas reveals, “I’ve never had a moment in my life that was entirely sad or entirely funny. If someone falls over that’s funny but it’s also very sad. Everything has that going on. An abortion is not funny but the way people deal with it, or try to have fun, or try to just keep their head above water, I find amusing. I usually deal with sad things by making jokes.”

He says, ”I feel like when things are sad, everyone knows they’re sad. You don’t need to stand around going ‘This is sad.’ It sort of annoys me when people do, it’s a bit of a TV lie. When something sad happens, everyone stands around making it worse by talking through all the reasons the day was bad. I don’t think that’s what people do. do they? No one I’m friends with.”

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At the end of last season Josh launches a tirade at his friends and family during Christmas lunch. He recalls, “We shot that scene in two days, so I was sitting at that table for two days. You just get so claustrophobic with each other. I do genuinely love them all, but after that two days I was just thrilled to tell them that they are annoying. I’m sure they would have loved to sit me down too. But that’s one of the things about being the boss I guess.”

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