[WATCH] Krysten Ritter on ‘Jessica Jones’: Closer to ‘Silence of the Lambs’ than ‘The Avengers’

“They were always talking about the show more like ‘Silence of the Lambs’ than ‘The Avengers,'” reveals “Jessica Jones” Krysten Ritter as we chat via webcam (watch above). The Netflix series is the latest entries in the Marvel universe, and it has a uniquely gritty tone. “When I was telling people around me what I was working on, it was hard to describe just how dark it was. I’m thrilled the fans embraced it and Marvel got behind it in such a huge way.”

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Ritter plays the title character, a private investigator with superhuman strength with post-traumatic stress after prolonged victimization at the hands of Kilgrave (David Tennant), who can control minds. “‘Jessica Jones’ took more prep work than anything I’ve even imagined doing,” Ritter reveals. “She’s a victim of rape and suffers from a drinking problem and PTSD — that’s not just something you flip on like a light switch.”

Of the emotional challenges of the role, she reveals, “I went into that headspace when I officially got the part and stayed there until we wrapped. I wanted to go there, to do the writing justice. The only reason I was able to go to those dark places is because I did feel safe, loved and encouraged [by the cast and crew].”

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“Jessica Jones” is unique in the Marvel universe for its female perspective. In addition to a female hero in the lead role, it features strong supporting roles for Rachael Taylor as Jessica’s adoptive sister Trish and Carrie-Anne Moss as an unscrupulous laywer. And the showrunner is Melissa Rosenberg, who previously wrote and produced “Dexter.” “Those women are so fierce, big feminists, great voices. They have so much integrity,” says Ritter. “Getting to tell authentic female stories with authentic points of view is the dream, and we’re all really proud of that.”

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