[PHOTOS] Top 10 movie stars who should move to TV: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise and more

There used to be a great divide between movies and TV, with big-screen celebs rarely deigning to make small-screen appearances. But the 21st century has collapsed that barrier. Numerous cable networks and streaming services have attracted elite filmmakers including Steven Soderbergh (“Behind the Candelabra,” “The Knick”) and Martin Scorsese (“Boardwalk Empire,” “Vinyl”) as well as award-winning movie stars such as Kevin Spacey (“House of Cards”) and Viola Davis (“How to Get Away with Murder”).

What movie stars should make the switch next? Should Leonardo DiCaprio pull a McConaughey by appearing in a TV anthology right after scoring Oscar? Or should triple Oscar-champ Daniel Day-Lewis take the plunge into longf-orm drama? Read some of our forum posters comments below, then click through the photo gallery above and make sure to join the discussion in our message boards.

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Amanda: My suggestion is Tom Cruise, he keeps making action movie after action movie but remember when he made bolder choices i.e. “Magnolia” or “Born on the 4th of July” or even was charming “Jerry Maguire” or played a semi-villain “Interview with the Vampire.” An HBO limited series could re-energize his career.

Boidiva02: The first two names who came to mind are Hillary Swank and Jodie Foster. I feel like both would excel on cable. I also feel like both need a little bit of a boost from a high profile project if they ever want their careers to get some hype again … and Megan Fox would seem to be a natural fit for a television series. [She was in ‘New Girl’ this season, but] I’d love to see her in a science fiction or genre type show. I feel like she’d be a natural fit in that environment.

Tony RuizRalph Fiennes has had such a great career on stage, and his film choices in recent years have been extremely varied. I’d love to him get a big meaty part on TV; I think he would be a stellar anti-hero.

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