Liza Weil in ‘How to Get Away with Murder’: Season two standout is Emmy-worthy say forum posters

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I’ve always thought Liza Weil was the best supporting performer in “How to Get Away with Murder” (though the entire cast has stepped up their game in season two). As Bonnie Winterbottom, she is one of the most trusted associates of Viola Davis‘s ruthless lawyer Annalise Keating, but she’s also the most cagey. Usually quiet and reserved, she has more secrets behind her eyes than any other character, even Annalise, which makes her consistently fascinating.

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In season two, we’ve gotten to know some of those secrets, and that reserved demeanor has cracked more than once. We know now that she’s a murderer — though, to be fair, non-murderers are a minority in this cast now — and also that she has a history of childhood abuse that she has worked hard to keep hidden. In this often outlandish soap, Weil brings a substantially different energy than the rest of her co-stars, which give her scenes a unique charge. We’re a long way from the high-strung Paris Geller she played on “Gilmore Girls” for seven years.

But is she Emmy-worthy? Many of our forum posters think so. Read some of their comments below, then click here to join the discussion in our forums.

Vincelette: It’s definitely a love or hate TV series for most (I personally love intense melodrama), but I do think Liza Weil as Bonnie Winterbottom did a wonderful job in supporting this season and she definitely deserves awards consideration next to the equally wonderful Viola Davis (in lead) and lovely Famke Janssen (in guest) … She’s really the unsong hero of this season for me.

Justmimusicmon: She absolutely does deserve an Emmy nomination! She has a few Emmy-worthy subnissions. Definitely a long shot. But not completely impossible.

emmyfan: I agree that Liza Weil deserves to be nominated for an Emmy. Also, I think that this show needs to get more Emmy nominations because season two has been on fire. I think it deserves a Best Drama nomination.

mikeboy898: I love this show, but it frequently goes off the rails (like “Empire“) and it’s not even close to being a prestige Emmy-esque drama. It’s soapy and fun, but it’s not like the writers are writing beautiful metaphor and meaning-filled episodes. It’s literally who killed who, and why, and a platform for Viola Davis to act. That said, Liza Weil is great!

DCurrie: I for one think this season would make it as worthy a Best Drama Series contender as some of the other foolishness that has gotten in. But back to Liza: what’s the stronger submission for her? “Meet Bonnie” or “I Want you to Die”?

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Photo: “How to Get Away with Murder” (ABC)

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