Top 10 hottest forum posts: Scorsese’s second Oscar in 2017? Joan Allen’s first Emmy for ‘The Family’?

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The 2016 Oscars are over, and you know what that means: time to predict the 2017 Oscars … well, not for most of us, but our forum posters can’t resist looking ahead at this year’s field of upcoming released, which already includes films that look pretty strong on paper, with strong early buzz, pedigreed casts and filmmakers, important subject matter or all of the above. Sundance Film Festival hit “The Birth of a Nation” may be a potential early contender, as could Tom Hanks as the titular hero pilot in Clint Eastwood‘s “Sully.” Then there’s Martin Scorsese‘s “Silence.”

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“Silence” stars Liam Neeson, Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver in the story of Jesuit missionaries in 17th century Japan. Scorsese won his first and only Oscar to date for directing “The Departed” in 2006, but Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu just won two Best Director prizes in a row, so the academy probably wouldn’t hesitate to hand Scorsese a second for the right film.

But not all of our posters are getting quite that far ahead of themselves. Others are eagerly handicapping the upcoming Emmys — both Daytime and Primetime. For instance, will Joan Allen‘s new ABC drama “The Family” be her ticket to a first Emmy? She has earned three nominations in longform categories (acting in “The Mists of Avalon” in 2002, acting in and producing “Georgia O’Keefe” in 2010), but she has yet to win.

What do you think of the field of upcoming awards contenders in TV and film? Read some of our posters comments below, and join the discussion in our message boards. Click on the gold links following the comments below to be taken directly to that discussion thread.

Ain’t No Elitist: [“Silence” could possibly win Best Picture next year] or, as we have observed in the past, it could end up being the one you least expect. Be it “Manchester-by-the-Sea,” “Loving” or even an outsider we had very low in our standings. (Is ‘Silence’ our new Best Picture?)

Eddy Q: If anyone can win for something like that, it’s Scorsese. That is, at least at this stage of his career as opposed to when he was younger and losing to big movie stars who tripped and fell onto the wrong side of the camera. (Is ‘Silence’ our new Best Picture?)

OnTheAisle: Tom Hanks has five nominations and two wins for Best Actor. However, he has not received an Oscar nomination since 2000 and has starred in six Best Picture nominees without individual recognition. It seems odd, but there is almost an argument here for looking at the star of the upcoming “Sully” as overdue. (Super Early 2017 Oscar Predictions)

benutty: I think the best thing the academy could do to fix a number of problems with the race is to no longer announce nominees for Best Picture. Here’s how: Announce nominees as usual, except not for Best Picture. Instead, during final round of voting have members rank their top 10 films of the year as the last question on their ballots. During the telecast, announce the top 5 vote-getters with extended clips of the films. At the end, announce which one is the winner. (Bold Idea: no more Best Picture nominees)

moviefan61794: When the trailers for all new shows came out last May, [“The Family”] grabbed me immediately. In fact, it might’ve been my favorite trailer for all the new network shows. Great cast and the story looks very good. I’ve read some very favorable reviews, so I’m excited to see if this show really brings it. (Official ABC “The Family” thread: Emmy vehicle for Joan Allen?)

New Emmy categories & expansions: Forum posters react to latest changes

Tyler The Awesome Guy: Screw the Oscar race. The Emmy race is in full swing with loads of interesting choices, especially interesting this year with no “Mad Men” or “Parks and Rec.” (VOTE NOW!! 2016 Emmys Predictions Center Now Active)

Nick: With “Horace and Pete,” they can easily nominate Louis C.K. and Jessica Lange for name recognition, but I don’t see them actually nominating the show. Maybe “Black-ish” can get in this year? Since “Parks and Rec” is gone and if they don’t nominate “The Big Bang Theory” again, it could sneak in even though I don’t like it. (VOTE NOW!! 2016 Emmys Predictions Center Now Active)

Bebe: I want to add that Felicity Huffman is killing it in this role [on “American Crime“]. She keeps making these unlikable characters likable (Barb was pretty unlikable, probably worse than Leslie). The way Huffman portrays Leslie’s inner-struggle … I just sympathize for her. It’s an incredible performance. She has played the ‘private school headmaster’ role to a tee … Emmy worthy (as is the entire cast, no question). (AMERICAN CRIME Season 2)

FreemanGriffin22: Best Actor [at the Daytime Emmys]: I am rooting for Billy Flynn and Justin Hartley, with Tyler Christopher and Doug Davidson strong potential nominees. i disliked the Neil/Hilary/Devon story [on “The Young and the Restless“] but Kristoff St. John did fine acting, so If there were a fifth nominee. I could live with Christian LeBlanc as long as he doesn’t win. But I am rooting against Benard, Bergman, Geary and especially Kaye. It will be interesting if they go with new blood or the same old same old. (Daytime Emmy nominations discussion thread)

OperaJunky: Geary’s likely [Daytime Emmy] submission will be the 50th Anniversary show where Luke realizes he killed his own mother. It’s a powerhouse submission. Range, impact. Luke breaks down at the end.  Plus he has the advantage of playing a dual role.  If we were talking about anyone but Geary with this submission, it would be a slam dunk. (Daytime Emmy nominations discussion thread)

Emmy spotlight: Connor Jessup is standout of ‘American Crime’ season two

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