Melissa McBride in ‘The Walking Dead’: Who does she have to kill to earn an Emmy nomination?

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After years of fans clamoring for Melissa McBride to earn an Emmy nomination for her role as ruthless survivor Carol Peletier on AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” might their wishes finally be heard? So far, McBride only has a single nomination from the Critics’ Choice Awards (2014) to her name, but she’s deserving of so much more, say our forum posters. Join the live chat in our famous forums, where Hollywood insiders hide behind cyber handles. A sampling of our readers’ comments are below, but you can always read more right here.

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Sharon1: Melissa McBride was truly outstanding in the episode “The Same Boat” from the sixth season of “The Walking Dead.” She was so amazing that it will be a crime if she doesn’t receive a nomination, and this is coming from someone who does not even love the show that much.

melobruceiam: Emmy voters [are] unable to discern exceptional writing, acting and direction from any but conventional sources. Melissa McBride (Carol) was fantastic, as were Lauren Cohan (Maggie) and Alicia Witt as Carol’s perfect foil.

patmcb: Melissa McBride killed it on this week’s episode! She’s always good, but wow. I was really impressed and was also thinking she should receive a nomination. She’s one of the few people on the show whose acting is really great, while not being over the top.

SupaDupa Fly: Of course she deserves the nomination. All hail, Melissa McBride.

Vincelette: Melissa McBride is deserving for that first Emmy nomination for years now! Starting with “The Grove” (and maybe even before that)….following many other memorable turns… Her character development is a pure joy to watch.

slh315: She’s been deserving of it. I was extremely disappointed she didn’t get the nomination for “The Grove” alone. But she’s been killing it every time she’s on screen. I hope she gets the recognition — she’s the definition of deserving.

SamEckmann: I’m still stunned that she didnt WIN the award for “The Grove.” One of the most riveting hours of television in recent memory. McBride is exceptional in “The Walking Dead,” and her lack of Emmy attention only confirms the genre bias and snob factor that goes into the Emmys.

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