[PHOTOS] What 10 movie musicals have won Best Picture Oscar, and will ‘La La Land’ be the 11th?

Of the 32 movie musicals nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars only 10 have won. “La La Land,” which is aiming to be the 11th, would be the first original tuner to do so in 58 years; the last was “Gigi” (1958). Click above to check out the 10 musicals that won top honors and find out what other awards they picked up on Oscar night.

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“La La Land” is the heavy favorite to win the academy’s top prize according to our predictions as of this writing. So let’s take a look at “La La Land’s” Oscar prospects in its top categories based on how the past 10 Best Picture winners performed:

Best Director — potential nominee: Damien Chazelle

Good news: All 10 of the films have reaped directing nominations and six won.

Bad news: Only two of the five original musicals (not based on Broadway shows) have won Best Director — “Going My Way” in 1944 and “Gigi” in 1958.

Best Actress — potential nominee: Emma Stone

Good news: Nine actresses have been nominated and three have won (lead and supporting) for their work in a Best Picture winning Movie Musical.

Bad news: Luise Rainer (“The Great Ziegfeld,” 1936) was the last lead actress to prevail along with her Best Picture winning musical.

Best Actor — potential nominee: Ryan Gosling

Good news: Nine actors have been nominated and four have won (lead and supporting) for their work in Best Picture winning movie musicals.

Bad news: Rex Harrison (“My Fair Lady,” 1964), who reprised his Tony-winning role, was the last lead actor to win along with his Best Picture winning film.

Writing — potential nominee: Damien Chazelle

Good news: Seven of the films have been nominated for either their original or adapted screenplays.

Bad news: Only three of the seven have won. The last to do so was “Gigi” (1958). And in fact, this was the only category that “West Side Story” lost out of its 11 nominations in 1961.

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