MTV Movie Awards reactions: ‘Dumbest’ nominations ever, or ‘hell of a lot more fair’ than Oscars?

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On March 8 the MTV Movie Awards announced the nominees for their 25th annual kudofest. Unlike the Oscars, they’re less interested in highbrow fare like “Spotlight” and “Bridge of Spies” and focus more on popcorn pictures. So unsurprisingly, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” the biggest domestic box office hit in history (not accounting for inflation), leads the way with 11 nominations. Joining it in the Movie of the Year contest are “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” “Creed,” “Deadpool,” “Jurassic World” and “Straight Outta Compton.” (Click here for the complete list of nominations.)

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But did MTV get it right this year? Our forum posters have come out swinging about the inclusions and omissions. Read some of their comments below, and click here to join the discussion.

Joseph: I like that they added new categories and extended the lineups in all the categories except Best Movie, but their picks are, once again, pretty one-dimensional. It seems that some were picked on hype or what’s in the trailers, rather than what’s in the actual films, like putting Leo vs. the bear in Best Fight instead of the fight vs. Tom Hardy at the end. At least they got rid of Best Shirtless Performance and Best WTF Moment, and replaced them with Best True Story and Best Documentary, which is to their credit, and not going overboard on the young adult films like “Insurgent” and “Maze Runner 2.” But, as it’s a popular vote, expect “Star Wars” to sweep.

ColinWesley: For an award that held up the “Twilight” franchise as the pinnacle of cinematic achievement for many years, I have to say they’ve become a bit more open-minded … a bit.

Guest2014: Fairness. A whole hell of a lot more fair than what the Indie Spirits Redux, er, Oscars, projectile vomited out. 11 for “Force Awakens.” #MTVMAsWhiteANDBlack

KyleBailey: LOL did any of these people sit through “Avengers 2”?! Rather drink gasoline than ever sit through that piece of crap again. And Dakota Johnson?! It’s a set up to get her to accept her Razzie. I am rooting for “Star Wars” though. Best Actor is Ryan Reynolds‘s to lose.

Juvia: “Jurrasic World” … really? I thought after “Star Wars” made more money than it, we would forget it was actually a thing that happened.

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The Expert: “Avengers” is nominated for Best Film but not “Mad Max”? Hahahahahahahahaha!!!

OntheAisle: Wow! Harrison Ford cannot even get an MTV Movie Award nomination when his film dominates. Can somebody get the academy’s Board of Governors to vote this actor an honorary Oscar? This ongoing determination to ignore this actor’s contributions is just wrong.

Vincelette: It has to be the dumbest set of nominations, ever. “Spy” deserved more than this.

Photo credits: “Star Wars” by Walt Disney Pictures; “Deadpool” by 20th Century Fox; “Jurassic World” by Universal Pictures

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