Oscar forums fight: Who really deserves to win Best Actress? Brie Larson, Cate Blanchett, Charlotte Rampling …?

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Brie Larson (“Room“) leads our Oscar predictions for Best Actress by a wide margin, but does she really deserve to win? Our forum posters are debating the race and voting for their faves among the five nominees, who also include Cate Blanchett (Carol), Jennifer Lawrence (“Joy“), Charlotte Rampling (“45 Years“) and Saoirse Ronan (“Brooklyn“).

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According to their results as of this writing, Larson is the rightful Oscar champ. Do you agree? Read some of their comments below and then join the discussion. And make sure to enter your official predictions at the bottom of this post.

AwardsConnect: An extraordinarily tough call for me between Blanchett at her career-best and Ronan in one of the most charming performances I’ve ever seen. Ultimately went with Ronan.

FilmGuy619: Brie Larson. Although with the exception of Jennifer Lawrence, who to me was just being Jennifer Lawrence, I’d be content with any of these ladies taking it.

JohnMac13: For me, the best one was Blanchett’s. There was just something weird, inconsistent about Larson’s performance. Ronan was amazingly charming, Lawrence was better than I actually expected (the movie itself sucked). I don’t get the praise Rampling had got, but whatever.

jamiepg88: I’m also torn between Ronan and Blanchett, which is interesting as Ronan feels like her generation’s answer to Cate or Kate. Ultimately chose Ronan but it’s a tough call.

Ms. Trunchbull: Rampling all the way.

AMG: I’m going with Larson. Heartbreaking performance, and so great to see her be launched to the masses after her stunning work in “Short Term 12.”

KyleBailey: Cate by a hair over Brie. Pretty much a tie for them (but in a better world, Lily Tomlin).

Spark87: Blanchett’s performance is my personal favorite of the year. But despite this, and with two Oscars under her belt, Larson’s performance will win and it’s going to be deserved since this is a powerful lineup! Though I would have placed Lily Tomlin’s performance over Jennifer Lawrence’s anyday.

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Photo Credits: “Carol” by Weinstein Company; “Brooklyn” by Fox Searchlight; “Room” by A24; “Joy” by 20th Century Fox; “45 Years” by IFC Films

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