Oscar ceremony overhaul: Top 10 ways to revamp the Academy Awards

This year’s Oscar ceremony was a disappointment both creatively and commercially. We asked our forum posters, many of whom are Hollywood insiders who hide behind screen names, for suggestions as to how to overhaul the Academy Awards telecast. Below, just a sampling of their insightful comments and criticisms. Join the discussion HERE and weigh in with your thoughts on what YOU want to see on the Oscarcast.

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Clay Bryce: No host. Hosts take up too much valuable time, between jokes/song medleys that are way too long & usually fall flat. I would rather hear a passionate, teary speech from a Best Actor/Actress winner than a host who insists on trying to get the audience to laugh or respond to lame jokes.

Tom: Better presenters. Reunite former co-stars from iconic films that celebrate a milestone in that particular year. The Best Picture presenter should be someone who is highly respected within the industry and would receive a standing ovation.

Jim Brooks: I would love to see the Oscar move to a Saturday night. Most casual fans are not going to stay up late on a work night.

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Boidiva02: Bring back the tradition of having past nominees or winners introduce the current nominees. It was beautifully done for a few years and then just vanished.

FilmGuy619: Have actors role play when they’re presenting an Oscar like Ryan Reynolds dressed as Deadpool or Chris Pratt as Star-Lord. That’ll make things more fun.

CanadianFan: Have all nominees nominated for original song perform (it’s a disgrace that they cut their own nominees)

Gus Cruz: Winners almost never get to make speeches that go over two minutes, which is actually a problem. Speeches are fun. They fight to win and they usually have something to say.

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Guest2014: Four of the last five BP winners are the least-seen Oscar best movie champions ever. Audiences realized that the Academy has no desire at this point to seek a balance between the artsy-fartsy festival circuit, which has them by the balls, and the mainstream, which takes it on the chin almost every single time.

Echo469: Best Picture, Director, Acting, Writing and Song: I would increase the number of nominees to eight or ten in these top categories.

AnDres Gtz: Make clear rules to determine the difference between supporting and leading acting categories to avoid eligibility frauds.

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