Oscar forums fight: Can ‘Mad Max’ really beat ‘Carol’ or ‘Cinderella’ for Best Costume Design?

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Since “Mad Max: Fury Road” won Best Costume Design at both the Critics’ Choice Awards and the BAFTAs, the Oscar race has been thrown into chaos because the normal rules don’t seem to apply. The Oscars usually award the most lavish period or fantasy costumes, which this year would point to a win for “Carol,” “Cinderella” or “The Danish Girl.” But the grungy, post-apocalyptic designs of “Mad Max” have been uncharacteristically winning instead, with the Costume Designers Guild set to announce their winners on February 23.

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Until then, our forum posters’ predictions are all over the map. Read some of their comments below, then join the discussion in our message boards.

Jake: I believe Sandy Powell will win this [for “Carol” or “Cinderella”]. I don’t know for which movie yet but I lean towards “Carol” as it probably won’t win anywhere else.

Damiansport1: It’s a really tough category to predict. “Mad Max” or “Cinderella.” I think only these two can win, but which one?

Vincelette: “Mad Max” IS NOT DESERVING FOR ITS COSTUMES. It’ll win many awards for the creative achievements, but costumes should not be one of them.

Eddy Q: I was going with “The Danish Girl” for ages, but then I thought that these design categories often go to movies that created new worlds and environments. Of course they have to get nominated first (“Avatar” for instance didn’t have makeup or costume noms), but I’m thinking more of the original “Star Wars.” Yeah it was ages ago, but still, who calls “Star Wars” a “costume film”? Yet it still won because of the originality of the designs. I think the same can happen with “Mad Max.”

Nick: The academy usually goes its own way here and I don’t think they’ll see “Mad Max” as a costume film. When you think costumes, you think of period piece or fantasy. So that leaves “The Danish Girl,” “Carol,” and “Cinderella.” “Carol” isn’t that showy so that leaves “Cinderella” and “The Danish Girl.” Either of those two will win, I think. I’m gonna guess “The Danish Girl.”

R13: I don’t think “Cinderella” is winning Costume Design after loosing BAFTA and BFCA. BAFTA and BFCA have been really good at predicting the Costume Design winner.

AwardsConnect: Going with “The Revenant” here as one of the more eyebrow-raising wins of the evening.

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Photo Credits: “Mad Max” by Warner Bros. Pictures; “Carol” by Weinstein Company; “Cinderella” by Wal Disney Pictures

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