Oscar forums fight: Who really deserves Supporting Actress? Alicia Vikander, Kate Winslet, Rooney Mara …?

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Alicia Vikander (“The Danish Girl“) leads our Oscar predictions for Best Supporting Actress by a wide margin, but does she really deserve to win? Our forum posters are debating the race and voting for their faves among the five nominees, who also include Jennifer Jason Leigh (“The Hateful Eight“), Rooney Mara (“Carol“), Rachel McAdams (“Spotlight“) and Kate Winslet (“Steve Jobs“).

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According to their results as of this writing, Leigh is the rightful Oscar champ. That comes in part because even fans of Mara and Vikander’s performances are hesitant to endorse them in the supporting race. Do you agree? Read some of their comments below and then join the discussion. And make sure to enter your official predictions at the bottom of this post.

BamaEd: Right now, my personal choice is Rachel McAdams. I thought she brought such warmth and intelligence to the role of Sasha in “Spotlight” and was the heart of the movie. She was able to fully convey her care and concern for the victims, her outrage at the injustice, her intelligence to dig, and her struggle to deal with her deeply religious Nana. I thought she was great. It wasn’t showy or flashy but I thought she was wonderful.

Vincelette: McAdams’s role is the definition of a great supporting role. It’s not showy, it’s realistic. I really like her as an actress and she was long overdue for a first nomination. I think she was the clear standout of the film. The men didn’t have much to do.

JayDF: You never know, some voters just might seem poised to make a sentimental night of it to see both Winslet & DiCaprio take home an oscar. I’d much rather see Winslet win a 2nd over Vikaner’s first for sure! But even though my prayers to the Oscar fairies are likely in vain I WANT JENNIFER JASON LEIGH TO WIN!!!

KyleBailey: I would love for Alicia to be an Oscar-winner for anything this year (minus “Burnt” and “Seventh Son”), but Jennifer Jason Leigh would be my pick. Such a fierce performance.

Hubert_K: Vikander gave the best performance of the year, but she is a fraud [for competing in the supporting category instead of lead], so i vote for [Leigh].

babypook: From the three Supporting perfs: Kate — marvelous, transformative, convincing. Jennifer Jason Leigh — I do believe she’s the best in that cast. Such a Tarantino reunion of Y chromosomes. Rachel MacAdams — Finally a performance I admire. For some reason, it’s her I think of re Spotlight. I’ll go with [Leigh].

MichaelNorris: Jennifer Jason Leigh. Chilling, villainous character who could easily have felt like a caricature, and instead felt timelessly realistic.

Atypical: Vikander. I’ll forever pretend her Oscar win was for “Ex Machina.”

NoLogo: Kate Winslet or Rachel McAdams: Great supporting performances in the true sense of the word. Even though I preferred Mara and Vikander’s performances, I could not in good conscience, if I were an Oscar voter, choose either when they are clearly leads in their films. In a perfect world, Rose Byrne would be nominated for “Spy” and win. Alas.

forwardswill: Having now seen all of the performances I would say all are exquisite and Oscar deserving, apart from McAdams who didn’t have enough to work with. Winslet would be my number one simply because it is the best supporting performance of the group in my opinion although Leigh is marginally behind. Mara and Vikander should, as everyone has said, be in lead but I wouldn’t mind too much if they won as both of their work is worthy of awards.

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