Oscar poll: What will be biggest upset? ‘Mad Max,’ Tom Hardy (‘Revenant’), Kate Winslet (‘Steve Jobs’) …?

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We recently opened a poll to ask who the single biggest lock at the Oscars is (Leonardo DiCaprio for Best Actor, according to 67% of our readers as of this writing), but the hardest part of every Oscar season is trying to predict what the upsets will be. So what will be the biggest Oscar shocker? Our forum posters are discussing the possibilities. Read some of their comments below, join the discussion and vote in our poll at the bottom of this post.

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Emil Petrov: I will start with Best Picture. We have a three-way race. “The Revenant” vs. “Spotlight” vs. “The Big Short.” If any of those films wins, it will not be a surprise. So I have a theory. To win BP you need a lot of #2 and #3 votes. It is not out of the question for “Mad Max: Fury Road” to got most of those votes. It might not get many #1s, but it has the potential to be on most of the lists’ top spots. If that happens, “Mad Max” can be the shock of the Oscars.

FilmGuy619: Tom Hardy winning over Sly Stallone. It can happen. The guy is in the two most nominated films of the year, “Mad Max” and “The Revenant,” and he can easily be swept along if both films win big even if he’s only nominated for one of them. I know Sly Stallone has the narrative of going back to the character that made him a star and all. But if you ask last year’s comeback kid, Michael Keaton, he’ll probably tell you it doesn’t always work out. Also, similar deal with Mickey Rourke, who was the comeback kid of the year [in 2008 for “The Wrestler”], but to no avail.

Monty: No one would possibly beat Dicaprio and Stallone. I can see Saoirse Ronan upseting Brie Larson and Kate Winslet upseting Alicia Vikander, although the chance is not big. For Best Picture, I wouldn’t be surprised to see “Spotlight” win. Someone can upset Lubezki [for Best Cinematography for “The Revenant”] as he already won twice in last two years.

ankehuber: Maybe I am the only person in the whole wide world to say this, but I think Mark Rylance could definitely beat Stallone for Best Supporting Actor. That would be a shoker for everyone because Sly has the better odds, but not for me.

Joe Burns: Winslet beating Vikander is definitely a strong possibility at this point. Stallone on the other hand is a very strong front runner, but upsets from Hardy and to a lesser extent Rylance are not impossible, but would be shocking if they happened next Sunday.

AlxMGrof: The Weeknd winning Best Song [for “Earned It” from “Fifty Shades of Grey“]. Everyone is predicting Lady Gaga [for “Til It Happens to You” from “The Hunting Ground“].

Damiansport1: I don’t think there is gonna be any shock in the top eight. Stallone has it … And Vikander is the Nyong’o/Lawrence hot newcomer. I think Lubezki can lose because he won two in a row. So maybe they will give finally oscar to Roger Deakins [for “Sicario“]…but again, cinematography in “TR” was just to good; Chivo should win.

AwardsConnect: Not sure it’d really be a monumental surprise, but I’m going with “The Look of Silence” over “Amy.”

Tyler The Awesome Guy: “Spotlight” winning Best Picture. Watch and see.

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Photo Credits: “Mad Max” by Warner Bros. Pictures; “The Revenant” by 20th Century Fox; “Steve Jobs” by Universal Pictures

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