Oscar prediction All-Stars betting on ‘The Big Short’ for Best Picture & ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ for Best Director

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When predicting the Oscars, you can consult the Top 24 Users, who got the best scores predicting last year’s winners, but will they be just as savvy twice in a row? Well, now you can also consult the predictions of our Top 24 All-Stars, who have proven track records. Our All-Stars racked up the highest scores for their predictions from 2013 and 2014. They showed impressive consistency forecasting the winners of two Oscars that each had uncertain Best Picture outcomes — “12 Years a Slave” vs. “Gravity” in 2013, “Birdman” vs. “Boyhood” in 2014.

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So what do they think about this year’s race, which is arguably even closer than those last two nail-biters?

Fourteen All-Stars are predicting a Best Picture victory for “The Big Short,” while eight think top honors will go to “Spotlight.” While their consensus favors “The Big Short,” one of those predicting “Spotlight,” Luis, deserves special consideration.

Of thousands of users, Luis finished 10th in 2013 with 96% accuracy and 27th in 2014 with 88% accuracy. That means of the 48 Oscar categories awarded in those two years, he got the winner wrong only four times. Among his best predictions, he called Best Picture, Best Director and all four acting categories both years.

In another close race this year, Best Director, 14 All-Stars favor George Miller (“Mad Max: Fury Road“), including Luis. Six say Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (“The Revenant”). And four are predicting Adam McKay (“The Big Short”).

Unsurprisingly, our All-Stars are unanimous that Brie Larson (“Room“) and Leonardo DiCaprio (“Revenant”) will win the lead-acting races. But it’s more surprising that so many of them agree on Best Supporting Actor. That race has been up-in-the-air all season, but almost all of them predict Sylvester Stallone (“Creed“). Only three disagree, with one All-Star apiece picking Mark Rylance (“Bridge of Spies“), Tom Hardy (“Revenant”) and Christian Bale (“Big Short”).

They’re also in lockstep predicting Best Supporting Actress. While two are predicting Rooney Mara (“Carol“), but everyone else declares it will be Alicia Vikander (“The Danish Girl“).

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Photo Credits: “The Big Short” by Paramount; “Mad Max” by Warner Bros.

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