Oscar predictions slugfest: ‘Spotlight’ vs. ‘The Big Short’; Alicia Vikander vs. herself (Video)

The hottest place on the web for brutally brilliant discussion of the Oscars contenders as well as the Golden Globe, Critics’ Choice and SAG awards nominations is the Gold Derby forums. Below, watch me slug it out with three of our most frequent posters: Dylan Tucker (CanadianFan), Philip Hopf (Philip) and Joshua Akin (Jakin09). Then, if you dare, join the live chat going on right now.

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The Big Short‘ takes the ‘Spotlight
With the ACE Eddie awards  snubbing “Spotlight,” forum posters have started wondering if “The Big Short” is the new Oscar frontrunner.

Dylan thinks “The Big Short” is “definitely the frontrunner. For so long we’ve heard the media trump up ‘Spotlight’ was going to win best picture; and we’ve heard it was an actor’s movie and then Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo got snubbed at SAG; and then we heard it was an editor’s movie and it got snubbed by ACE. This movie is just weak everywhere.”

However, Joshua thinks “The Big Short” could have troubles of its own: “I have a hard time seeing the academy giving it to a picture directed by the guy who did ‘Anchorman.'”

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How do you solve a problem like Alicia?
At the Globes, Alicia Vikander is nominated in lead for “The Danish Girl” and supporting for “Ex Machina.” However at the SAG she is nominated in supporting for “The Danish Girl.” Potential confusion has our forum posters asking where and for what she’ll be nominated

Philip says “‘The Danish Girl’ could hurt itself, because they are not switching her up. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t move her up into lead and we see her in for ‘Ex Machina.’ But she’s brilliant in ‘The Danish Girl’ so she should be nominated somewhere for it.”

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