Guild awards scorecard: ‘The Revenant’ has 6 wins, ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ & ‘The Big Short’ at 3 each

Prior to Oscar voting ending on Tuesday (Feb. 23), we will have heard from 10 of the 12 guilds as to their picks for the best of the year; the costume designers kudos are Tuesday night while the motion picture sound editors pipe in on Saturday, just 24 hours before the Oscars. 

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No film reaped bids across the board or even with 11 of these dozen precursor prizes. 

“Mad Max: Fury Road” contended with 10, missing out on acting and writing nominations. It has won with the film editors, art directors and makeup & hairstylists so far. 

“The Revenant” was cited by nine guilds and has scored with six so far: directors, actors, art directors, cinematographers, sound mixers and visual effects wizards.

“The Big Short” only reaped bids with six guilds but batted .500 with wins from the producers, writers and film editors. Likewise for “Spotlight,” which has gone two for four with wins from the actors and writers. 

Conversely, while “Bridge of Spies” and “Sicario” were in the running with eight and seven respectively, they have been blanked to date. 

Compare these tallies to last year when two films — “Birdman” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel”  — were recognized by 11 of the 12 guilds; “Birdman” was not eligible with the writers while “Grand Budapest” did not register with the sound mixers. “The Imitation Game” had scored with all but the makeup/hairstylists and sound mixers, “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Gone Girl” had made the cut with eight, “American Sniper” nabbed nods with seven and “Boyhood” and “Nightcrawler” with six.

Below, a breakdown by picture of guild wins and nominations to date. 

PGA = Producers Guild of America (report)
DGA = Directors Guild of America (report)
SAG = Screen Actors Guild (report)
WGA = Writers Guild of America (report)
ACE = American Cinema Editors (report)
ADG = Art Directors Guild (report)
ASC = American Society of Cinematographers (report)
CAS = Cinema Audio Society (report)
CDG = Costume Designers Guild 
MHG = Makeup & Hairstyling Guild (report
MPSE = Motion Picture Sound Editors
VES = Visual Effects Society (report)

Six Wins/Nine Guilds

“The Revenant”
PGA – Best Picture 
DGA – Director (Alejandro G. Inarritu)
SAG – Actor (Leonardo DiCaprio)
ACE – Drama (Stephen Mirrione)
ADG – Period Film (Jack Fisk)
ASC – Emmanuel Lubezki
CAS – Sound Mixing
MPSE – Sound Effects & Foley, Dialogue & ADR
VES – Supporting Visual Effects

Three Wins/Ten Guilds

“Mad Max: Fury Road”
PGA – Best Picture 
DGA – Director (George Miller)
ACE – Drama (Margaret Sixel)
ADG – Fantasy Film (Colin Gibson)
ASC – John Seale
CAS – Sound Mixing
CDG – Fantasy Film (Jenny Beavan)
MHGSpecial Make-Up Effects, Period/Character Makeup, Hairstyling
MPSE – Sound Effects & Foley, Dialogue & ADR
VES – Visual Effects

Three Wins/Six Guilds

“The Big Short”
PGA – Best Picture
DGA – Director (Adam McKay)
SAG – Ensemble, Supporting Actor (Christian Bale)
WGA – Adapted Screenplay (Charles Randolph and Adam McKay)
ACE – Comedy (Hank Corwin)
MHG – Contemporary Makeup

Two Wins/Four Guilds

PGA – Best Picture
DGA – Director (Tom McCarthy)
SAG – Ensemble, Supporting Actress (Rachel McAdams)
WGA – Original Screenplay (Josh Singer & Tom McCarthy)

One Win/Eight Guilds

“The Martian”
PGA – Best Picture 
DGA – Director (Ridley Scott)
WGA – Adapted Screenplay (Drew Goddard)
ACE – Drama (Pietro Scalia)
ADG – Contemporary Film (Arthur Max)
CDG – Contemporary Film (Janty Yates)
MPSE – Sound Effects & Foley, Dialogue & ADR
VES – Visual Effects

One Win/Seven Guilds

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens”
ACE – Drama (Maryann Brandon & Mary Jo Markey)
ADG – Fantasy Film (Rick Carter, Darren Gilford)
CAS – Sound Mixing
CDG – Fantasy Film (Michael Kaplan)
MHG – Special Make-Up Effects
MPSE – Sound Effects & Foley, Dialogue & ADR
VES – Visual Effects

One Win/Four Guilds

“The Danish Girl” (not WGA eligible)
SAG – Actor (Eddie Redmayne), Supporting Actress (Alicia Vikander)
ADG – Period Film (Eve Stewart)
CDG – Period Film (Paco Delgado)
​MHG – Period/Character Makeup, Hairstyling

One Win/Three Guilds

ADG – Fantasy Film (Dante Ferretti)
CDG – Fantasy Film (Sandy Powell)
MHG – Period/Character Makeup, Hairstyling

One Win/Two Guilds

“Beasts of No Nation”
SAG – Ensemble, Supporting Actor (Idris Elba)
CDG – Contemporary Film (Jenny Eagan)

“Room” (not WGA eligible)
MPSE – Dialogue & ADR
SAG – Actress (Brie Larson), Supporting Actor (Jacob Tremblay)

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Eight Guilds

Bridge of Spies
PGA – Best Picture
SAG – Supporting Actor (Mark Rylance)
WGA – Original Screenplay (Matt Charman and Ethan Coen & Joel Coen)
ADG – Period Film (Adam Stockhausen)
ASC – Janusz Kaminski
CAS – Sound Mixing
MPSE – Dialogue & ADR
VES – Supporting Visual Effects

Seven Guilds

PGA – Best Picture
WGA – Original (Taylor Sheridan)
ACE – Drama (Joe Walker)
ADG – Contemporary Film (Patrice Vermette)
ASC – Roger Deakins
MHG – Contemporary Makeup
MPSE – Sound Effects & Foley, Dialogue & ADR

Five Guilds

SAG – Actress (Cate Blanchett), Supporting Actress (Rooney Mara)
WGA – Adapted Screenplay (Phyllis Nagy)
ASC – 
Ed Lachman
CDG – Period Film (Sandy Powell)
MHG – Period/Character Makeup, Hairstyling

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Four Guilds

SAG – Ensemble, Actor (Bryan Cranston), Supporting Actress (Helen Mirren)
WGA – Adapted Screenplay (John McNamara)
ADG – Period Film (Mark Ricker)
CDG – Period Film (Daniel Orlandi)

“Brooklyn” (not WGA eligible)
PGA – Best Picture
SAG – Actress (Saoirse Ronan)
CDG – Period Film (Odile Dicks-Mireaux)
​MHG – Period/Character Makeup, Hairstyling

“Ex Machina”
PGA – Best Picture
ADG – Contemporary Film (Mark Digby) 
CDG – Fantasy Film (Sammy Sheldon Differ)
MHG – Special Make-Up Effects, Contemporary Hairstyling

“Straight Outta Compton”
PGA – Best Picture
SAG – Ensemble
MPSE – Dialogue & ADR
WGA – Original (Jonathan Herman and Andrea Berloff)

Three Guilds

ADG – Contemporary Film (Judy Becker)
ACE – Comedy (
Jay Cassidy, Alan Baumgarten, Christopher Tellefsen & Tom Cross)
CDG – Contemporary Film (Michael Wilkinson)

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Two Guilds

ACE – Comedy (Dan Lebental & Colby Parker, Jr.)
MPSE – Sound Effects & Foley

“Black Mass”
SAG – Actor (Johnny Depp)
MHG – Special Make-Up Effects

“Crimson Peak” 
ADG – Period Film (Thomas E. Sanders)
CDG – Period Film (Kate Hawley)

Jurassic World

ADG – Fantasy Film (Edward Verreaux)
MPSE – Sound Effects & Foley

ADG – Contemporary Film (Dennis Gassner)
MHG – Contemporary Hairstyling

“Steve Jobs”
SAG – Actor (Michael Fassbender), Supporting Actress (Kate Winslet)
WGA – Adapted Screenplay (Aaron Sorkin)

“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2” 

CDG – Fantasy Film (Kurt and Bart)
MHG – Special Make-Up Effects

WGA – Original Screenplay (Amy Schumer)
ACE – Comedy (William Kerr & Paul Zucker)

CDG – Contemporary Film (Carlo Poggioli)
MHG – Contemporary Makeup

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One Guild 

VES – Supporting Visual Effects

“The Hateful Eight”
CAS – Sound Mixing

“I Smile Back”
SAG – Actress (Sarah Silverman)

“In the Heart of the Sea”
VES – Supporting Visual Effects

“Kingsman: The Secret Service”
CDG – Contemporary Film (Arianne Phillips)

“Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”
ACE – Comedy (David Trachtenberg)

“99 Homes”
SAG – Supporting Actor (Michael Shannon)

ADG – Fantasy Film (Scott Chambliss)

“The Walk”
VES – Supporting Visual Effects

“Woman in Gold”
SAG – Actress (Helen Mirren)

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