Oscar predictions: Top 24 User Abdul Almutairi goes out on a limb for Mark Ruffalo and Rooney Mara

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Our reader Abdul Almutairi did so well at predicting last year’s Oscars — 20th place out of more than 3,200 predictors — that he’s now showcased in a league along with the other Top 24 Users to forecast this year’s winners. He had an accuracy rate of 87.50% and 6,961 points last year, missing only three categories: Best Actor, Best Original Screenplay and Best Score.

This year, Almutairi is going out on a limb on a few Oscar races. Is he right? Below, see his explanations for his savvy Oscar predictions and resist the urge to copy or steal them as your own. (Click here to see his current Oscar rankings in all 24 races.)

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“In Leonardo DiCaprio‘s case, I think he is in a safe place because I don’t think there is a real other nominee with an outstanding performance,” admits Almutairi. “Lead actress seems to be going to Brie Larson, for the same reason as Leo. Saoirse Ronan could be a winner, but unlike ‘Room,’ ‘Brooklyn‘ did not earn any love for directing.

“Now, for supporting actor, I’ll go with Mark Ruffalo. He always gives great work, especially over the past seven years. Idris Elba won SAG, but I think because of the #OscarsSoWhite thing SAG voters wanted to give the prize to an actor of color.

“Supporting actress is really hard, but with LGBT issues in last year about allowing gay marriage, and with her great performance, I think Rooney Mara is a good deal here. Plus, there’s not too much love for Alicia Vikander‘s film ‘The Danish Girl.’ Even though ‘Carol‘ didn’t get nominated for Best Picture, it is a great film [with six Oscar noms] so they may want to reward it with supporting actress.

“My predictions for Best Picture goes to ‘Mad Max: Fury Road.’ I cannot imagine that the film wins seven Oscars without taking Best Director (George Miller) and Best Pic.”

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