Oscar mystery: Anne Thompson & Tom O’Neil on the crazy Best Picture race (video & podcast)

“It’s so fun!” says Anne Thompson (Thompson on Hollywood/ Indiewire) about this year’s Oscar derby as we delight in the suspense looming over the Best Picture race. In our video chat, we admit that it’s a three-way toss-up between “Spotlight,” “The Big Short” and “The Revenant.”

What’ll win? When pressed for her view as a pundit, Anne picks “Spotlight” because of the buzz she’s noted while attending such industry events as the Oscar nominees’ luncheon, the DGA fete and the Santa Barbara Film Festival.

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“You go from one room to another and you detect warmth for ‘Spotlight,'” she says. “I don’t know how else to explain it. That is my instinct. It’s a gut feeling that that’s the one with the most emotion attached.

“I just don’t feel it for ‘The Revenant,'” she adds, but acknowledges “I could be making the mistake I made last year by going for the little indie with emotion over the obvious big-whistle movie.” (Last year Anne opted for “Boyhood” over “Birdman.”) “One of my theories is that’ Spotlight and ‘Big Short’ will split – they have similar constituents – and ‘Revenant’ could go up the middle.

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“Here’s the argument against ‘Spotlight.’ Everybody says you can’t win Best Picture with only one other win and the only other win it’s going to get is screenplay. It’s not getting anything else. But you could go through ‘The Revenant’ and say it’s going to get this and this and this.”

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