Oscars 2016: The good, the bad, the ugly and WTF? — Let’s be brutally honest

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For the awards-obsessed editors of Gold Derby, the Oscars are like every Christmas, birthday and wedding all rolled into one. We eagerly await the announcements of the winners in every category, then do an analysis of the surprises and snubs before celebrating our savvy predictions while bemoaning those that show us up. (See full list of winners HERE.)

Below, our collective thoughts on the highs, lows and WTF moments from Sunday’s 88th annual Academy Awards. 

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Excellent presenters were Tina Fey/Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling/Russell Crowe, and Louis C.K. Loved how the acting awards were presenting from the camera movements to the giant photo backdrops on the stage. – Chris Beachum

A not-so-little balls-to-the-wall action masterpiece made by a bunch of Australian artisans led by George Miller smashed the competition and won the lion’s share of Oscar hardware. I loved hearing the propulsive Junkie XL score over and over and over again as “Mad Max: Fury Road” kept winning! – Rob Licuria

Lady Gaga brought the house down with her stirring performance of “Til it Happens to You.” She’s performed it repeatedly throughout the season, and this was the most emotionally stirring she’s ever been. – Daniel Montgomery

Surprises galore! Who saw “Ex Machina” for Visual Effects! Rylance pulling it out in Supporting Actor! Congrats Tom! You were right about “Spotlight”! – Amanda Spears

LEO!!! And Chris Rock’s monologue. That is it. – Marcus Dixon

“Spotlight” wins, and “Mad Max: Fury Road” takes six trophies – Zach Law

Oscars 2016: Complete list of winners (and nominees)


My heart told me that “The Revenant,” Sylvester Stallone (“Creed”) and Lady Gaga (“Til It Happens to You”) were all locks, but I should have known not to trust my heart after it failed me last year when I went with “Boyhood” over “Birdman.” Ugh. Stupid heart. – Marcus Dixon

Lady Gaga completely blew me away and her performance was one of the best I’ve seen at the Oscars in a very long time, so it seemed that the Best Song category was locked up for her and for perennial bridesmaid Diane Warren. For “Til it Happens to You” to lose was just unacceptable. – Rob Licuria

Playing off many of the winners when there were so many wasteful, time-consuming bits that didn’t work. – Chris Beachum

After Lady Gaga’s extraordinary performance, Best Song went to … Sam Smith. It was a disappointing anti-climax, though Smith gave a touching acceptance speech better than his actual performance of his winning song, “Writing’s on the Wall.” – Daniel Montgomery

Best Song?!? Why couldn’t they get this right? And to the Academy when you are trying to be more inclusive this includes women and the performance of Earned It was sexist and against what your trying to accomplish by bring more inclusive to minorities and women. – Amanda Spears

Sorry Sam Smith, but Dianne Warren and Lady Gaga really deserved it. – Zach Laws

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The whole Oscar show needs a rethink. It was boring, bloated, lacking in any freshness or energy. Unfunny. Without much suspense. Clunky. Disrespectful to artists (playing then off or not inviting them to perform). Wake me up when it’s over. – Rob Licuria

The orchestra playing off so many of the winners was ridiculous. Let. Them. Speak! If you have to save time, get rid of all those ridiculous comedy bits that nobody will even remember tomorrow. – Marcus Dixon

Despite taking six awards, “Mad Max” couldn’t manage a win for its helmer George Miller. – Zach Laws

I still feel bad for people who have been waiting forever to win… Diane Warren and Thomas Newman in this case. – Chris Beachum

And weren’t those great Best Song performances by Sumi Jo and Anohni? … Oh wait, they weren’t invited to perform. But the “Despicable Me” minions, the “Star Wars” robots, and the Girl Scouts got to take the stage. Shame on the Oscar telecast. – Daniel Montgomery

An overall poorly produced and thought out show! Gosling and especially Blanchett presenting when there films are nominated in there respective categories. The thank you bar at the bottom of the screen was a complete failure and made me think there were school delays for inclement weather. – Amanda Spears

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