Oscar forums fight: Will ‘The Revenant’ snatch sound awards from ‘Mad Max’ after CAS & BAFTA upsets?

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On Saturday night, the Cinema Audio Society awarded Best Sound Mixing to “The Revenant,” upsetting our predicted frontrunner “Mad Max: Fury Road.” “The Revenant” also won Best Sound at the BAFTA Awards the previous weekend. So does that make “The Revenant” the new Oscar frontrunner in both sound categories?

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Our forum posters are battling over these races right now. Read some of their comments below, then join the discussion in our message boards.

Hubert_K: I’ve got “Revenant” for both because I think it is like “Inception,” “Gravity” and “Life of Pi” which won Sound at BAFTA and were also nominated for Best Picture there and then won both sound categories at the Oscars.

Eddy Q: If there is a split, it might be more likely that “The Revenant” takes Editing and “Mad Max” takes Mixing. “The Revenant” has the more remarkable sonic design (at least for me) with its almost musical sounds of wildlife in the distance, whereas the “Mad Max” soundtrack has more layering as well as prominent use of diegetic music. I’m currently predicting “Mad Max” to win both, but I’m not confident at all.

AnDresGtz: Uh-Oh, “Revenant” won at Cinema Audio Society, I think Sound Mixing is in the bag now. The funny thing here is its sound editing was actually the more remarkable.

Monty: Why is “The Revenant” still not a frontrunner for sound categories? It won both BAFTA and CAS. I understand “Mad Max” is a louder movie but “The Revenant” is hitting all the important precursors.

gatorfan: Just a quick word of encouragement to the “Mad Max” fans out there: Keep in mind that throughout the history of the Cinema Audio Society Awards the winner is 12-10 at the Oscars for Sound Mixing. Sure it’s a winning record, but not by much. Granted, “The Revenant” also took Sound at BAFTA which has matched up with the Oscars the past eight years, but that streak has to end at some point right?

Teridax: Doesn’t “The Revenant” have some fantasy-esque dream sequences and surreal imagery? It helps that it’s also a very distinct aural sound experience; the attention to detail in that area is one of its most noticeable elements.

Chevi: Usually the sound categories don’t split (when winners are nominated in both). The last split was “The Dark Knight” and “Slumdog Millionaire.” That’s why I still I have “The Revenant” winning.

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Photo credits: “The Revenant” by 20th Century Fox; “Mad Max” by Warner Bros. Pictures

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