Which Oscar underdogs deserve nominations? ‘The Lobster,’ ‘Other People,’ ‘Hail Caesar!’ & more

The 2017 Oscar nominations are less than a month away, and after a December full of critics awards, Golden Globe nominations and SAG Award nominations, we’ve been able to narrow the field to the likeliest candidates. But just like every year there are many worthy contenders that have flown under the awards radar. What films do you think deserve more love than they’ve been getting so far this season? And is there still a chance for the Oscars to wise up and take notice?

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Our forum posters have been discussing their favorite contenders, and among the most cited films are the Coen brothers’ all-star Hollywood comedy “Hail Caesar!” from back in February; “Christine,” starring Rebecca Hall as real-life reporter Christine Chubbuck, who killed herself on live television; “The Lobster,” the oddball satire about singletons who must find love or else be transformed into an animal; and “Other People,” about a gay son (Jesse Plemons) who takes care of his dying mother (Molly Shannon).

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Read some of our posters’ comments below, and then join the discussion to let us know what favorites of yours aren’t getting their just desserts this season.

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FreemanGriffin: “I am amazed that ‘Cafe Society’ isn’t being considered for Best Cinematography, Production Design and Costume Design. I found it to be top-notch Woody Allen and better than ‘Midnight In Paris.'”

jf123: “‘Hail Caesar!’ particularly for Alden Ehrenreich. ‘Other People’: Molly Shannon gives the best performance of an ‘SNL’ alum since Bill Murray in ‘Lost in Translation.’ ‘The Lobster’: the most original film I’ve seen all year.”

Julia Spencer: “I’d love if Rebecca Hall got in for Best Actress for ‘Christine’ and Lily Gladstone would get in for ‘Certain Women.'”

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AMG: “‘Christine,’ mainly for the outstanding lead performance from Rebecca Hall. ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ for the should-be Oscar frontrunner John Goodman. ‘A Monster Calls’ – Lewis MacDougall needs to be in the Best Actor conversation.”

Teridax: “‘The Edge of Seventeen’: Picture, Director, Actress (Hailee Steinfeld), Supporting Actress (Kyra Sedgwick), and Original Screenplay.”

Hunterbergfeld: “Not the film as a whole, but Kathryn Hahn was amazing in ‘Bad Moms’ and in a perfect world she would get a billion noms.”

Marco B: “‘Toni Erdmann,’ ‘La Pazza Gioia,’ ‘Elle,’ ‘Neruda,’ ‘The Woman Who Left’ — I know they are all foreign language films, but in an ideal world the should all be up to major Oscar awards.”

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