Oscars 2016: Highlights (‘Spotlight,’ Chris Rock) and lowlights (Sam Smith, thank you crawls)

Oscars 2016 Highlights Spotlight Chris Rock Lowlights Sam Smith

Now that the 2016 Oscars ceremony is in the record books, what were the highlights and lowlights of the live ABC show? Do you agree with our eight choices below? What were your favorite and least favorite moments?

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1. “Spotlight” winning Best Picture
I was predicting “The Revenant” but was really hoping that the journalism drama would pull off the upset. Unlike some of the recent winners of Best Picture, this was an incredibly important movie about taking on the most entrenched of powers and a beautiful ode to what meaningful investigative journalism should be. This is a major Oscar win that will truly stand the test of time.

2. Chris Rock as host
Rock’s monologue was SPOT ON! Not only was the material great, but the reactions from people in the audience who didn’t know how to react were priceless. This just showed that Rock was comfortable with what he was doing and was doing it right. His bits with his daughter’s Girl Scout troop and the movie theater in Compton were priceless. He did a great job on keeping the pace throughout the ceremony too. HUZZAH!

3. Nominee video packages
The video packages for nominated films in various categories haven’t been great in recent years. This year though, they took the time to show each package as it relates to each movie. It wasn’t just done with categories like Production Design and Costume Design but it was brilliantly done with the Visual Effects and the sound categories.

4. Louis C.K. as presenter
When presenting the Documentary Short category, the comedian did a great impromptu stand-up bit about how this Oscar “actually means something for the people who win it.” He continued going on about how for most of the people in the room, the Oscar is worthless compared to everything else in their lives. Good for him for making the case of why we still need to include this category (along with the other short categories) in the telecast.

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1. Thank you crawls
This just seemed absolutely ridiculous. For quite a few winners it took away from their win because the names were going by (incredibly fast) as they were trying to deliver their on-air speech. What happened to the “thank you camera” backstage that gave winners an opportunity to voice their additional thank yous? Is that too dignified for them? I guess it is and so now their additional thank you’s are given the same level of reverence as basketball scores on ESPN.

2. Sam Smith performance
Smith did not sound that great. Just hearing the “Spectre” song reminded me of how much I thought the tune did not suit the movie. All I kept on thinking was how much I preferred the rejected Radiohead song for the James Bond film and how much I wish I could see them performing instead.

3. Awkwardness in on stage personalities
Whether it was Sarah Silverman‘s random ramblings, the appearance of Stacey Dash or the robots from “Star Wars” making an appearance on stage, there sure was a lot of strangeness going on there. Seriously, what was Silverman doing? And why should I care about Dash? And why did I have to sit and watch C-3PO marvel at how much he looked like an Oscar? That’s precious time that could have been given to other winners before they were inappropriately played off.

4. Computer animated presenters
I thought we had learned our lesson about this several years ago when we stopped having animated presenters. Even though there was no human presenter who had to be humiliated in doing that kind of presentation, this was incredibly unnecessary and really needs to be stopped.

Photo Credit: Chris Rock and Sam Smith by A.M.P.A.S./REX Shutterstock.

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