Oscars ceremony reactions 2016: A play-by-play from our bitchy forums

In Hollywood, our forum posters are respected and feared in equal measures for their strongly worded opinions. They did not hold back when watching the Oscars, which sparked strong responses in our forums — everything from “wow, they actually got it right this year” to “ho-hum” to “What were they thinking.” (See complete list of winners HERE.)

Below, just a small taste of the delicious dish they served up over the three plus hours of the ceremony. Read more and have your say here.

Opening Monologue

Atypical: Searing opening monologue from Chris Rock! Get a fact checker next time tho.

AMG:  Are people really thinking Chris Rock was that funny, or is it more fear of saying anything negative will lead to people calling them racist?

Best Original Screenplay: Tom McCarthy & Josh Singer (“Spotlight”)

JackO: Ugh.

Best Adapted Screenplay: Charles Randolph & Adam McKay (“The Big Short”)

Rooney Moore: Come on now. There wasn’t anyone other than Ryan Gosling to present Adapted Screenplay which his film was nominated for??

Best Supporting Actress: Alicia Vikander (“The Danish Girl”)

JackO: She should have won for Ex Machina!

Joe Burns: I was rooting for Kate, too bad. I knew Alicia”s Ex Machina performance would seal the deal on her win. The best shot at a surprise here was just lost. Let”s hope Stallone can lose.

Best Costume Design: “Mad Max: Fury Road”

Rooney Moore: Are they serious?? Now Cate Blanchett presenting a category that she is affiliated with not one but two films? Who runs this show?

Best Production Design: “Mad Max: Fury Road”

jfruedam: Mad Max hell yeah.

Best Makeup and Hairstyling: “Mad Max: Fury Road”

babypook: Yes yes yes Mad Max!!!! lol Don’t let it stop here….

Best Cinematography: “The Revenant”

JackO: He went from under rewarded to over rewarded real quick.

Best Film Editing: “Mad Max: Fury Road”

Hubert_K: The Big Short is done.

Best Sound Editing: “Mad Max: Fury Road

DamianWayne: LOVED the sound editing clips. Lets make that permanent.

Best Sound Mixing: “Mad Max: Fury Road

Hypothermia: So much justice for MAD MAX raining over the Oscars. Bless.

Best Visual Effects: “Ex Machina”

Zackfins: Exactly how many lines of blow has Andy Serkis done tonight?


googleimage83: Did not see that coming. BIG grin on my face.

MysteriousRent: Jacob Tremblay so excited to see the droids might be the best thing that has happened tonight.

Best Animated Short Film: “Bear Story”

BenitoDelicias: …between Sarah Silverman, the Bear, Suge Knight, whatever the fuck The Minions are going to do, “celebrate Woody and Buzz’s 20 Years together” and that idiotic Star Wars bit, the other two song nominees would’ve performed already…

Atypical: The year of the Bear lol. Sanjay or WOT should’ve won Animated Short instead.

Best Animated Feature Film: “Inside Out”

JackO: Inside Out made me cry. I hate it.

Best Supporting Actor: Mark Rylance (“Bridge of Spies”)

Zooey the Dreamer: YEESSSSSSSSSSS! Mark Rylance, I would marry you if you ask me to. I could be your housekepeer or boy maid or whatever.

jhaddad: As I said in that forum slugfest it should have been more obvious that Stallone was vulnerable. Oscar voters don’t care about comeback stories. Rourke lost. Keaton lost. Even Eddie Murphy lost. In the end I am a little surprised that the winner ended up being Rylance.

Best Documentary Short Subject: “A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness”

babypook: Nice win for Price of Forgiveness!

Best Documentary Feature: “Amy”

shart: You can’t beat a tragic doc about a dead rock singer.

Best Live Action Short Film: “Stutterer”

Rooney Moore: YAY Stutterer!

Best Foreign Language Film: “Son of Saul”

JackO: Woohoo! They didn’t mess it up!

Best Song: “Writing’s on the Wall” (“Spectre”)

Atypical: Gaga was absolutely stunning! And lost lol. Damn.

SkyLight: whaaaaaat!!!!????? Sam Smith won!? #fail.

ENGLAND: Get rid of the best Original Song category. Whats the point of that category?

Best Score: “The Hateful Eight”

Rob: Finally Ennio! Auguri!

Best Director: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (“The Revenant”)

jfruedam: Fuck that, George, it was yours.

Best Actress: Brie Larson (“Room”)

SupaDupa Fly: So over Brie. Ronan should’ve won.

Best Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio (“The Revenant”)

VenusinFurs: LMFAO he RAN.

JackO: Leo is talking climate change…quick cut to Native American actors!

DamianWayne: HOWLING at him running to that stage like his life depended on it.

Best Picture: “Spotlight”

babypook: OMFG!!!!!!

Rooney Moore: Lol at Kate Winlset trying hard to be a tumblr gif.

24Emmy: Great choice for Best Picture. Shame they screwed up with Best Supporting Actor. Lots of upsets. Chris Rock was pretty good. Leo finally has his Oscar and life can go on lol.

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