Oscar predictions contest winner explains why she stuck with ‘Spotlight’ from the beginning (Video)

Elizabeth Myers, who makes predictions under the screen name Magic 8 Ball, had the magic touch when predicting this year’s Oscar winners. She scored 88% (21 out of 24 categories correct). Two other users had the same predictions accuracy, but Myers had the highest point total thanks to her smart betting, which put her at the very top of the leaderboard. (Click here to see her complete predictions.)

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Boldest of all, she predicted “Spotlight” to win Best Picture as soon as the nominations were announced to lock in the best odds. And she stuck with “Spotlight” without ever wavering, even after “The Big Short” won the PGA Award and “The Revenant” won DGA and BAFTA.

So how did she know to stick with “Spotlight” despite so many twists and turns during the Oscar race? She discusses that with Gold Derby editors Paul Sheehan and Daniel Montgomery, and she also reveals how she perfectly predicted all three short-film categories. Then we discuss those three pesky races she missed (she didn’t see Mark Rylance coming either).

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