Oscars 2017 calendar: Deadlines and dates for Indie Spirits, Gotham Awards, Golden Globes and guilds

On Tuesday, Film Independent confirmed what we long suspected, that the 32nd annual edition of the Indie Spirits Awards will take place on Saturday, Feb. 25 ( i.e., as is tradition, the afternoon before the Oscars). Prior to these, the 90 days leading up to Oscar Sunday are jam-packed. Indeed, the first of the precursor prizes — the Gotham and National Board of Review awards — reveal their winners in late November.

Prior to the Jan. 13 deadline for Oscar nomination ballots, the Critics’ Choice Awards and Golden Globes will have taken place. The BAFTA Awards will have announced nominations as will the actors, directors, producers and writers guilds. And the major critics groups already will have weighed in with their top picks too.

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Below, we detail these key dates.

Note: Winners events are in gold while nomination announcments are italicized.

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Oct. 20 – Gotham Awards: Nominations Announced

Oct. 22 – SAG Awards: Film Submissions Close

Oct. 27 – AFI Awards: Film Submissions Close

Nov. 12 – Governors’ Awards

Nov. 17 – SAG Awards: Nominations Voting Opens

Nov. 18 – WGA Awards: Film Submissions Close

Nov. 22 – Independent Spirit Awards: Nominations Announced

Nov. 25 – Golden Globes: Nominations Voting Opens

Nov. 28 – Gotham Awards
Nov. 28 – Critics’ Choice Awards: Nominations Voting Opens

Nov. 29 – National Board of Review: Winners Announced
Nov. 29 – Critics’ Choice Awards: Nominations Voting Closes

Nov. 30 – DGA Awards: Film Nominations Voting Opens

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Dec. 1 – Critics’ Choice Awards: Nominations Announced
Dec. 1 – PGA Awards: Film Nomination Voting Opens

Dec. 5 – Golden Globes: Screening Deadline

Dec. 6 – WGA Awards: Film Nominations Voting Opens

Dec. 7 – Golden Globes: Press Conferences Deadline

Dec. 8 – AFI Awards: Winners Announced
Dec. 8 – Critics’ Choice Awards: Final Voting Opens

Dec. 9 – Critics’ Choice Awards: Final Voting Closes
Dec. 9 – Golden Globes: Nominations Voting Closes

Dec. 11 – Critics’ Choice Awards
Dec. 11 – SAG Awards: Nominations Voting Closes

Dec. 12 – Golden Globes: Nominations Announced

Dec. 14 – BAFTA Awards: Nominations Voting Opens
Dec. 14 – SAG Awards: Nominations Announced

Dec. 19 – Golden Globes: Final Voting Opens
Dec. 19 – SAG Awards: Final Voting Opens

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Jan. 3 – BAFTA Awards: Nominations Voting Closes
Jan. 3 – WGA Awards: Film Nominations Voting Closes

Jan. 4 – PGA Awards: Film Nominations Voting Closes

Jan. 4 – Golden Globes: Final Voting Closes
Jan. 4 – National Board of Review: Ceremony
Jan. 4 – WGA Awards: Film Nominations Announced

Jan. 5 – Oscars: Nominations Voting Opens

Jan. 6 – AFI Awards: Ceremony

Jan. 8 – Golden Globes

Jan. 9 – DGA Awards: Film Nominations Voting Closes
Jan. 9 – WGA Awards: Final Voting Opens

Jan. 10 – BAFTA Awards: Nominations Announced
Jan. 10 – PGA Awards: Film Nominations Announced
Jan. 10 – BAFTA Awards: Final Voting Opens
Jan. 10 – PGA Awards: Final Voting Opens

Jan. 12 – DGA Awards: Film Nominations Announced
Jan. 12 – DGA Awards: Final Voting Opens

Jan. 13 – Oscars: Nominations Voting Closes

Jan. 24 – Oscars: Nominations Announced

Jan. 27 – PGA Awards: Final Voting Closes
Jan. 27 – SAG Awards: Final Voting Closes

Jan. 28 – PGA Awards

Jan. 29 – SAG Awards

Jan. 30 – WGA Awards: Final Voting Closes

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Feb. 3 – DGA Awards: Final Voting Closes

Feb. 4 – DGA Awards

Feb. 8 – BAFTA Awards: Final Voting Closes

Feb. 11 – Oscars: Scientific & Technical Awards

Feb. 12 – BAFTA Awards

Feb. 13 – Oscars: Final Voting Opens

Feb. 19 – WGA Awards

Feb. 21 – Oscars: Final Voting Opens

Feb. 25 – Independent Spirit Awards

Feb. 26 – Oscars

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