Oscar move to more diverse academy divides our forum posters (Video)

Our forums have blown up following Friday’s news that the academy is bringing in sweeping changes to create a more diverse membership. Among the more controversial aspects is the revocation of the Oscar voting rights of older members who haven’t been active in the industry for more than a decade. 

Watch me slug it out with three of our most frequent posters — Chris Kolasa (ChristopherK), Ibad Shah (manakamana) and Jalal Haddad (jhaddad) — as we delve into this hot topic. Then, if you dare, join the live chat going on right now.

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For Chris, “the only way to have a completely perfect fix is if you scrapped everybody and started new. I don’t they are ever going to do that. It’s going to be hard, it’s going to be a long process it could be ‘Oscars so white’ next year too.”

Ibad counters, “it is important to set up some really rigorous goals for more minority voters and female voters to reflect the current demographic of movie goers today. Because otherwise the academy will get pretty irrelevant really quickly.”

And Jalal obseves, “they might be lenient with what counts as still working in the industry. I could see someone getting a small part in a movie once every ten years just so they can vote.” 

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