Solution: How to fix the Oscars’ diversity problem

There are two primary ways to fix the Oscars’ diversity problem:
1.) Drastically increase the number of academy members from 6,200 to 9,000 or more.
2.) Aggressively recruit all colors of the rainbow so that the academy reflects the multi-faceted world outside its door.
Granted, the academy has been reaching out more and more to people who aren’t old white males, but not enough. Last year it only invited 322 people to join – that’s only slightly more than the number of members who died off. In 2014, they only invited 271.
The Emmys’ Television Academy has 16,000 members. The Grammys’ National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences has about 20,000. Why do the Oscars insist upon keeping their number at 6,200? If they do not blast open their doors immediately, then they are as guilty as the Hollywood Foreign Press Association of restricting access so they can protect their elite status.

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