Oscars live blog 2016: Let’s dish the best, worst and craziest moments

oscars live blog 2016

Gold Derby editors and contributors can’t stifle what we think of every moment at the Oscars. Here are live musings on the best, worst and craziest moments from Chris Beachum, Charles BrightRiley Chow, Marcus DixonZach LawsRob Licuria, Daniel MontgomeryTom O’NeilPaul SheehanAmanda Spears and myself.

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ZACH: Told you it was “Spotlight!”

ROB: Tom, you did it!!!!!! You were right! And you too Zach!!!!!

DANIEL: Haha, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu wanted to win Best Picture twice in a row, but instead Michael Keaton did.

BEST PICTURE: “Spotlight” prevails over “The Revenant” to claim the last award of the night.

Heading into the Best Picture race we have “Mad Max: Fury Road” on 6 Oscars, “The Revenant” on 3 Oscars, and “Spotlight,” “The Big Short,” “Room” as well as “Bridge of Spies” all on 1 Oscar.

AMANDA: Yeah Leo! Still a little to cool. I wanted to see him be a little more in the moment and a little less political.

MARCUS: LEO!!!!!! That is all.

BEST ACTOR: On his sixth nomination Leonardo DiCaprio wins for “The Revenant;” bringing the best picture frontrunner to 3 wins.

DANIEL: What a difference a few years makes. Who would have guessed the teenage daughter from “United States of Tara” would be a Best Actress Oscar-winner just five years later? Kudos to Brie Larson!

MATT: One of the great performances of the year. Glad there was room for Brie to win this year.

BEST ACTRESS: Gold Derby favorite Brie Larson, “Room,” wins her first ever Oscar.

CHRIS: After Sam Smith’s actual poor performance and Lady Gaga’s stellar job, do you think a bunch of people in the auditorium were suddenly wishing they had their ballots back?

AMANDA: How distasteful to keep playing the music over Inarritu’s speech. Allow the man to finish what he was saying it was important and didn’t need a soundtrack to distract from it.

MARCUS: After dealing with the heavy personal losses of Stallone and Gaga losing, I feel vindicated with Inarritu taking the podium for Best Director.

MATT: Can they stop playing people off to “Ride of the Valkyries?”

AMANDA: So at this moment none of the Best Picture frontrunners have picked up an award we were t predicting. This is a nail biter.

BEST DIRECTOR: Gold Derby frontrunner Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu wins for “The Revenant” to claim back to back best directing Oscars.

ROB: Oh no, Sacha Baron Cohen alert. Let’s make a shitty show even worse. Worst Oscar show in years.

DANIEL: Not to knock Sam Smith as a singer and a songwriter, but I have no idea why “Writing’s on the Wall” resonated with voters over those other songs. They didn’t like “Spectre” anywhere else, and until Adele, Bond songs never won. Maybe they thought Adele wrote this one too?

ROB: we can’t breathe either Sam Smith. What a travesty

BEST SONG: Sam Smith wins for “Spectre” over Gold Derby frontrunner Lady Gaga.

MARCUS: The biggest movie in the history of cinema was just completely shut out of the Oscars. Sorry, “Star Wars.” I still love you.

BEST SCORE: “The Hateful Eight”

DANIEL: That Lady Gaga performance was explosive. She’s been performing that song everywhere, but I’ve never seen her do it like that. I wonder if there was a little extra anger for Kesha in there.

ZACH: Wow, Lady Gaga. Way to blow it out of the park

AMANDA: Not loving the scroll of Thank You’s at the bottom it makes me think there’s inclement weather I need to be concerned with. 

BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM: Gold Derby favorite “Son of Saul” wins.


CHRIS: Tremendous memoriam segment! Very well done with music, graphics, photos, videos, etc.

AMANDA: My predictions have gone off a cliff without a horse (ala The Revenant). We are all crashing and burning. Thank you Charles, for all of your help in the Short categories. 

DANIEL: On the plus side, the Oscar winners aren’t so white after all. The filmmakers behind “Bear Story,” “Girl in the River” and “Amy” – all people of color.

MARCUS: Did Mark Rylance even receive a standing ovation? Sylvester Stallone gets one every time he goes to the bathroom.

BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE: Gold Derby frontrunner “Amy” wins.

DANIEL: My predictions have gone off a cliff, but really glad for “A Girl in the River.” Really thrilling documentary.

ROB: is this one of the worst produced shows ever? The filmmaker from A Girl in the River is talking about a very important topic and she’s being played off! WTF?

BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT: “A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness”

MATT: Louie CK was amazing, best presenter. Was funny while making the point why doc short is great category.

ROB: I was just staring at Stallone’s face as Rylance was announced. He was shattered. “Creed” deserved more than a single token nod.

MATT: Can they stop playing off the speeches! There are the best part of the show.

MARCUS: I am pretty upset about this Stallone loss. Wow.

CHRIS: The SAG snub for Stallone was quite important after all. We should have known.

DANIEL: Lesson Mark Rylance teaches us: Stallone won Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice. But the INDUSTRY was telling us Rylance (SAG nom, BAFTA win). Shoulda listened to the industry.

ROB: I’m so gutted about Sylvester Stallone. Really. Heartbroken.

DANIEL: Shoot, if only Mark Rylance had won the Emmy for “Wolf Hall,” he’d be just one rap remix away from the EGOT.

AMANDA: WTF! How the hell did that happen? And the Best Picture race remains a mystery!

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Mark Rylance, “Bridge of Spies,” beats frontrunner Slylvester Stallone.

MARCUS: Lady Gaga’s song is clearly the best, so I hope she wins. But then again, anything can happen now that “Ex Machina” won visual effects.

ZACH: So it looks like The Revenant isn’t sweeping as much as we thought: does it still have Best Picture?

MATT: The girl scout cookies bit was fun, but a rehash of what Ellen did with ordering pizza a couple of years ago.

MATT: I’m starting to feel like they should have cut all the songs.

ROB: @Amanda, pour me a glass. That was not great.

AMANDA: I like the song Earned It. I just hate the film its associated with. What a moment for gender equality having women dance in lingerie at the Oscars. Wow who knew that glass ceiling needed to be cracked. Maybe it’s time to get my corkscrew!

MATT: “Mosters Inc.” “Up” and “Inside Out,” Pete Doctor is one of the best directors of the past 20 years. So great to see him win another Oscar.

BEST ANIMATED FEATURE: Gold Derby frontrunner “Inside Out” wins


MATT: Getting to present an award the Minons must have better agents than C-3PO, R2-D2 and BB-8.

DANIEL: C-3PO, R2-D2 and BB-8 come out on the Oscar stage to present … nothing. Yes, producers, that was a much better use of our time than seeing Sumi Jo and Anohni sing Oscar-nominated songs.

AMANDA: How cute is Tremblay wanting to see the Star Wars robots!! Why couldn’t he present with them?

MARCUS: Everyone told me I was crazy for predicting “Star Wars” in visual effects because it wasn’t a Best Picture nominee, and then “Ex Machina” goes and wins. WTF?

AMANDA: “Ex Machina” that just woke everyone up.

DANIEL: Wow, out of the four films I thought could win Best Visual Effects, “Ex Machina” was the fifth.

BEST VISUAL EFFECTS: “Ex Machina” shocks leaving “Star Wars,” “The Revenant” and “Mad Max in the dust.

AMANDA: The more pointless these clip packages get the more upset I am for the two songs not performing. But nice to see Serkis get a warms round of applause.

AMANDA: The more Mad Max wins the more sympathy I feel for Miller since I still don’t see him winning. 

MATT: ‘Mad Max’ is winning the most Oscars tonight and it dosn’t even need to win another. No other film will touch 6.

SOUND MIXING: “Mad Max: Fury Road” continues it’s run, now on 6.

SOUND EDITING: “Mad Max: Fury Road” speeds up to 5 Oscars.

ROB: Enough with these terrible comedy bits. They aren’t funny! 

MATT: Is CNN producing the Oscars this year with all the info graphics?

BEST EDITING: “Mad Max: Fury Road” continues its rampage through the Oscars with win number 4.

DANIEL: Don’t lose hope, Roger Deakins. A few years ago we were complaining that Emmanuel Lubezki had lost all five of his nominations previously. Now he’s won three in a row. So now let’s hope Deakins gets, like, seven in a row.

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: Best Picture contender “The Revenant” opens its account.

DANIEL: Leonardo DiCaprio and Alejandro Inarritu didn’t look amused by the guy in the bear suit after the “Revenant” clip. Lighten up guys, you’re both gonna win.

AMANDA: My one hope for Leo’s speech is he lets his guard down and shows us how much this means to him!

DANIEL: I agree it’s really inappropriate to have presenters give awards where their films are nominated. Talk about awkward. At this rate they’ll have Leonardo DiCaprio present Best Picture.

ROB: I really hate the huge waste of time where they show us clips of the nominated Best Pictures. We know what was nominated. Do we need to see a trailer of the film? Again?

ROB: It’s the OZcars!!!!!!!!

MATT: Three in a row! Is ‘Mad Max’ unstoppable? (probably at some point)

BEST MAKEUP AND HAIRSTYLING: “Mad Max: Fury Road” wins Oscar number 3.

DANIEL: Jared Leto is literally the only man on Earth who could pull off a flower as a bow tie. I dig it.

CHRIS: These producers are clueless about the importance of these awards. Ryan Gosling has no business presenting an award for a category where his film “The Big Short” was nominated. And neither does Cate Blanchett with two films (“Carol,” “Cinderella”) competing for costume design.

BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN: “Mad Max: Fury Road” hits the lead with it’s second Oscar.

BEST COSTUME DESIGN: “Mad Max: Fury Road” wins it’s first award of the night.

AMANDA: So Felicity Jones is entering rehab tomorrow!

MATT: Vikander was the best thing about “The Danish Girl” but I would have rathered an “Ex Machina” win.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Gold Derby favorite Alicia Vikander, “The Danish Girl,” wins her first ever Oscar.

DANIEL: I kinda liked the black-actors-in-Oscar-nominated-films montage, though Leslie Jones in “The Revenant” and Chris Rock in “The Martian” were the only really funny ones, The Stacy Dash introduction might have been funny, but it didn’t seem like anyone in the room even got that joke.

ROB: I like Sam Smith. And I don’t hate this song. But every time I think of this category I think of the crime of excluding two nominees/performers because they’re not famous or palatable enough to American or mainstream audiences. #fail

MATT: If they were going to cut songs, I would have gotten rid of that static version of ‘Spectre’

PAUL: More time wasted with this unfunny bit by Sarah Silverman that could have been used for another song.

AMANDA: Now if I were one of the two song nominees not performing I would be pissed that montage was useless and also not that funny. 

ZACH: incredible montage! And Stacy Dash? Ouch…

DANIEL: Okay, the Oscars can stop now that my prediction accuracy is still 100%.

MARCUS: I’m happy that “The Big Short” just won Best Adapted Screenplay, but why was the film’s star Ryan Gosling allowed to present that trophy? Talk about a conflict of interest.

AMANDA: Most likable Russell Crowe has even been! Although I hate that Gosling presented to his own film. 

BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: “The Big Short” wins, opening the Best Picture contender’s account.

BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: frontrunner “Spotlight” wins its first award of the night.

DANIEL: I wouldn’t have guessed Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe would be a good comedy duo, but that banter was actually pretty funny.

PAUL: That scroll moves faster than Russell Crowe heading to an all-you-can-eat buffet

DANIEL: Good opening monologue by Chris Rock. Started a little iffy with him almost apologizing for academy for its whitewashing and making fun of people protesting, but then he got pointed about limited opportunities for black actors. “Sorority racist” — best line.

AMANDA: Good for Rock! A great opening and a good point about the “Ask her more”.

ZACH: Killer opening, Chris Rock!

PAUL: No montage and they would’ve had time for performances of those two songs that they cut.

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