Oscar poll: Should academy reveal who finished 2nd & 3rd?

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This year’s Oscar race came down to the wire, with “Spotlight” eking out a surprise win against presumed frontrunner “The Revenant” and close competitor “The Big Short.” And that wasn’t the only shocker of the night: Mark Rylance (“Bridge of Spies“) pulled off an upset in Best Supporting Actor over Sylvester Stallone (“Creed“) and “Ex Machina” came out of nowhere to take Best Visual Effects. We imagine those must have been close races, but were they really? We only ever find out who came out on top, not how the rest of the votes were distributed.

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So what would we learn if the academy revealed their complete results? Would the nominees or studios even want to know? After all, finding out if Rylance won by two votes or two hundred might be cold comfort to Stallone.

Our forum posters are currently debating the topic. Read some of their comments below, and click here to join the discussion. Then make sure to vote in our poll at the bottom of this post.

Vincelette: Nah. The second placer would still be a loser, so it wouldn’t make a difference.

Rooney Moore: It’ll never ever happen. But I don’t think anyone here would disagree with this idea. At least, we would finally put an end to those endless discussions about who was the runner-up and who was the filler etc.

PGPopofCulture: If it did happen, which it never will, it would be a ratings jaggernaut.

Sasha: I’d love to know those results! I’d have finally known if there are voters who don’t go with the buzz so I can still have a little respect for the academy. But if I find out that the best nominated people actually came in second to last or last place, then no more Oscars for me ever again.

jjjmoss: If I were someone who everyone thought was close to the win but then wasn’t even top three, I’d be pissy. If I indeed turned out to be second multiple times like Annette Bening looks to have been, I wouldn’t feel any better about losing.

AlexK24: The academy believes that releasing vote totals will humiliate any nominee who got low votes and will possibly damage that nominee’s career. However, one way to release vote totals without damaging anyone’s career is to release these totals about 30-40 years after the fact. After that many years, most nominees will be retired or dead.

Boidiva02: I would think every agent in town would be against this idea as it could potentially devalue their clients in a major way. It would take away much leverage actors have when using their Oscar nominations in negotiations for contracts and salary raises. However, what I wouldn’t mind is if they would release the tallies for past Oscars. Perhaps they could just post them on the AMPAS website and only post listings for Oscar cermonies from 10+ years ago. That way it wouldn’t stand to hurt as many people’s careers.

manakamana: I don’t see what kind of value or use that would have.

Photo credits: “Creed” by Warner Bros. Pictures; “Carol” by Moviestore/REX

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