Anne Thompson on Oscars: 3 films can win Best Picture

“It’s a three-way race!” Anne Thompson (Thompson on Hollywood/ Indiewire) says about the Oscar contest over Best Picture. “‘Spotlight,’ ‘The Big Short’ and ‘The Revenant’ are going head to head and the one with the best narrative is going to win.”

“‘The Big Short‘ is coming on strong and is very popular — there’s no question,” she adds. “I love ‘Spotlight.’ I’m rooting for ‘Spotlight.’  …. . I think ‘The Revenant‘ has momentum. It’s surging at the box office. It’s big. It’s got scale, scope and artistic purity all going on. I think ‘Mad Max’ has all of those things going on, but ‘Mad Max’ feels genre. If they give George Miller director, they can give something else picture. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu isn’t going to win director two years in a row. It’s happened twice, but I just don’t feel that.”

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Thompson’s Oscar hunches often prove right, as she recently demonstrated by landing in second place among experts predicting nominations at Gold Derby. (See our score report.) How’d she do it? What’s her secret?

“I look at the guilds,” she says. “It’s a question of which tea leaves mean something and which ones you can ignore. What do screen actors do? What do producers do? What do screenwriters do? You take that information and compare it to what you know about the academy taste.”

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