Oscar predictions smackdown: Sasha Stone vs. Tom O’Neil (podcast)

Why has Sasha Stone (Awards Daily) suddenly split from the pack of Oscar pundits and switched her Best Picture prediction to “The Big Short” from “Spotlight”? In our podcast chat (listen below), she says she’s alarmed by “Spotlight” not getting a nomination from the American Cinema Editors guild, which is usually essential to win the top Oscar.

“Right now I feel that ‘The Big Short’ is the only one that can win,” she says. “It comes down to the lack of the editing nomination for ‘Spotlight.’ I love ‘Spotlight.’ I think it’s a great movie. All the while I’ve been thinking it’s going to win because it’s the one most people can agree on and that still may turn out to be true, but the only problem that I saw with ‘Spotlight’ is that it’s understated. It’s not the normal explosive, dynamic film that wins Best Picture. I think you’ve got to go back to ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ to find a film that is similar in its tone. ‘Spotlight’ is a lot more serious than that, obviously, but movies that are similar like ‘The Verdict’ and ‘All the President’s Men’ — those aren’t Best Picture winners. They’re wonderful nominees, but they don’t rally people for a cause, a reason to vote for the movie, which is usually how you win Best Picture. They have to be voting for something. I really didn’t know what it was going to be this year and I still don’t, but the stats tell me that without that editing guild nomination ….”

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