[WATCH] ‘Outlander’ recap: ‘La Dame Blanche’ embroils Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) in high society

This year Gold Derby will present regular “Outlander” recaps (watch above) by editor Rob Licuria and contributing writers Amanda Spears and Ted Stevenson in which we break down the plot twists, highlights, lowlights and Emmy prospects of the sophomore season of this Starz period drama. We start with on overview of the first three episodes before diving into the fourth episode of the season. “La Dame Blanche” sees Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) embroiled in Parisian high society as they attempt to change the course of history and hopefully halt the bloody massacre that may be yet to come on the Scottish Highlands.

“I am continually interested in how we are dealing with what it takes to change time,” Stevenson says in his summation of the events of the fourth episode. Licuria agrees, noting that all of Claire and Jamie’s efforts might lead to nothing, going by how the first episode of the season unfurled. “Being in Paris and getting involved in the seedy underbelly of Paris, surely should have made some impact on what was going to happen in Scotland” Licuria says. “And yet, Claire ends up back in 1940s Scotland [in the first episode] and nothing appears to have changed, apparently.”

Licuria, Spears and Stevenson admit to not having read the books by Diana Gabaldon, but are so far enjoying season two, especially now that the characters have moved to Paris, which has given the show a whole new feel. All three have been particularly impressed with the lavish costumes on display in each episode, brought to life by the show’s costume designer Terry Dresbach.

“The costumes in these last four episodes have been completely breathtaking” Licuria says. “I can’t imagine any other show that should win the Emmy over this show for costume design.” Spears and Stevenson agree wholeheartedly. “This year, they’re going full Marie Antoinette, and I think it would be really weird if it didn’t get a costume design nomination,” Spears says, adding, “it was nominated at the guild this year, so that’s probably going to help them.” And Stevenson concludes, “I feel like they’re outdoing “Game of Thrones” this season with these signature pieces that are just so cool.”

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