[WATCH] Outlander recap of ‘Prestonpans’: ‘Red’ Jamie is bloodied in battle

In this edition of our weekly “Outlander” recap (watch below), Gold Derby editor Rob Licuria is joined by contributing writers Amanda Spears and Ted Stevenson to dish episode 10 of the show’s second season, “Prestonpans,” directed by Philip John and written by Ira Steven Behr.

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Before we dive into the episode, Ted regales us with his experience last week on the red carpet at “The Artistry of Outlander” exhibit at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills. There he met stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, as they celebrated the creative genius of the show alongside cast and crew, including costume designer Terry Dresbach, production designer Jon Gary Steele and executive producer Maril Davis.

As for episode 10, the absolute highlight for all three of us were the climactic battle scenes, as Jamie (Heughan) and his Highlander army charge head-first into battle in the marshes of Prestonpans. Although the Jacobites limp away with a victory against the King’s loyalist army, they suffer heavy casualties.

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For Amanda, the cinematography was the star of the episode. “The way the camera moved through the fog, it was amazing. Cinematographers Neville Kidd and Stephen McNutt, you guys should definitely be in contention at the Emmys for your work,” she proclaims. “It was gorgeous the way that camera moved through the entire battle.” I wholeheartedly agree with Spears, noting that “we see a lot of battle scenes in shows. We see a lot of scenes in fog, or where they cut the audio out and only play the underscore. They did all of that, but here it was just so effective. They put a different spin on the Highlander charge. It was so gorgeous to look at and so brutal at the same time. Philip John the director of this episode also really needs to be applauded.”

“This was such an accomplishment from a technical perspective,” she adds. “The actors were amazing, as we expect them to be, but it was just so well executed from the way it was written, to the direction, the cinematography, the music. Days later, I am still remembering those scenes.”

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Ted was also impressed with the battle, but pointed out that the episode worked for him for other reasons. “The last two episodes were getting back into the groove. But this one reminded me of why I fell in love with the show in the first season and that was that she comes into their environment thinking that they are brutes but she falls for what they are going through and understands them, and that they have a lot of love and compassion for each other.”

I also gave a quick shout out to supporting player Duncan Lacroix, who has become one of my favorite characters on the show. “He is so underrated. He has a great monologue in this episode. If I was an Emmy voter, he’d be on my ballot. Hashtag, Everybody Loves Murtagh!”

We also look ahead as to the remaining three episodes of the season and we spend some time discussing leading man Heughan, who gave a particularly nuanced and strong performance as the leader and commander that Jamie Fraser has become in this Scottish uprising.

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