[WATCH] Patrick Stewart teases ‘Blunt Talk’ season 2 and ‘marvelous’ Golden Globe nomination

“It was simply marvelous,” Patrick Stewart tells Gold Derby about earning a Golden Globe nomination for the first season of the Starz hit comedy “Blunt Talk” earlier this year (watch above). “We were all very excited because if Walter is getting a nomination, then the show is getting a nomination. It is very, very encouraging in a first season because there is a lot of competition these days.”

The second season of the Starz hit is due out this fall, and Stewart teases an upcoming love story between his character, news anchor Walter Blunt, and an old flame. “Women play a very important part in Walter’s life. And he has a feeling that he has perhaps lost his way romantically and that happiness — certainly happiness with a partner — will never come about for him.”

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“The woman he meets is now involved, as a journalist herself, in investigating a possible corruption scandal surrounding the whole vexed question of recycled water or desalinization in Los Angeles,” Stewart adds. “Now, I know that the idea of watching a comedy half-hour show which is about recycled water doesn’t sound too encouraging. Believe me, it is as funny, crazy, reckless and chaotic as the first season.”

Also in our junket discussion, Stewart chats about how playing a news anchor has changed his view of cable news, what his favorite Walter scene from season one is, and how a personal story from his life shaped an important season-two storyline. Sound off about “Blunt Talk” in the comments section below or right here in our famous TV forums.

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