[WATCH] Pedro Almodovar & ‘Julieta’ stars discuss two actors playing one role: ‘It’s like a miracle’

When Adriana Ugarte signed on for director Pedro Almodovar‘s latest film “Julieta,” “I thought maybe we’d want to talk about Julieta, to prepare the character, build the character and how we see the character,” she told press and industry at the New York Film Festival on October 4. She plays the younger version of Julieta, while Emma Suarez portrays her as an older woman, so they don’t share any scenes together, but Ugarte was surprised that they never worked on the role together either. Watch her explain above with Suarez and Almodovar.

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Adapted from short stories by Nobel Prize-winner Alice Munro, “Julieta” tells the story of the title character, whose life has been marked by loss and guilt. It traces that story from a whirlwind love affair in her youth to a desperate search for answers in middle age. “When Pedro brought us together I realized that the process was going to be very different,” Ugarte added. “Pedro was the real chef of the process. He directed us separately, and it’s like a miracle.” Even though she and Suarez never collaborated she marveled at how Julieta felt consistent across both time periods.

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Suarez agreed that “it was a very interesting and fascinating process to delve into the character of Julieta.” Almodovar gave Suarez more character references than he gave Ugarte, including Joan Didion‘s book “The Year of Magical Thinking” and Jeanne Moreau‘s performance in Louis Malle‘s film “Elevator to the Gallows.”

Almodovar explained the unusual inspiration of Moreau’s performance: “She walked a lot … and I love the way that Jeanne Moreau walks.” Also watch Almodovar discuss how he was inspired by Munro’s short stories.

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