[WATCH] Mark Halperin & John Heilemann (‘The Circus’): 2016 presidential election made for great TV

On Tueday (Nov. 8), the U.S. election will bring to an end a marathon campaign as America finally decides whether Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton will be the next president. And with that comes the winding down of the Showtime’s “The Circus.” On this compelling series, political reporters Mark Halperin and John Heilemann documented the dramatic turns and comic interludes of a process that rivaled anything seen on the scripted political TV shows “House of Cards” and “Veep.”

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When this pair of political pundits spoke to us earlier this year (watch above), Heilemann readily admitted, “for many people, it is the craziest election cycle they have ever seen. There’s a lot of stake for the country and the drama is very high. Hopefully the show will stand the test of time as a historical record. That’s at least what we are aspiring to.”

And Halperin quickly concurred. “We’re aspiring to make something that’s not disposable. With all due respect to our other show ‘With All Due Respect’ there aren’t many episodes you could go back and watch now with the same impact as the day they aired. That’s true of most political coverage on TV.”

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The eight episodes focused on the general election will be on next year’s Emmys ballot for Best Documentary or Nonfiction Series,. Heilemann detailed the difficulties in producing a documentary in the format of episodic television. “Even though we have a nonstop news cycle, we had the ability to structure a narrative around each week. What was the big story? What was the big drama? what was at stake for the characters?”

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