[WATCH] ‘Ray Donovan’ director David Hollander: ‘We had only enough time to do one take of everything’

“It’s amazing but sometimes it’s too much of a good thing. We have so many mouths to feed,” jokes “Ray Donovan” writer/director David Hollander as we chat via webcam (watch above) about the acting talent the show attracts. As he elaborates, “if the actors are not getting enough feeding you feel it. It’s not about their ego. It’s giving them the stuff they need to bring the best out. We are thrilled that we have these great actors, but we also have to ask, ‘Did we serve everybody?’ It involves a lot more work on the scripts, but it’s worth it.”

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This year Hollander earned his first-ever Emmy nomination for directing the season three finale (“Exsuscito”). He vividly recounts his experience on nominations morning. “I got up early to make sure Jon Voight and Liev Schreiber got nominated. I went back to bed but my phone kept pinging. I thought people were messaging about Jon and Liev’s nominations. I didn’t get up until 9:30, at which point there was about 30 messages. I realized they may be congratulating me. So I started looking through the nominations and saw my name. It was totally startling.”

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After learning about his nomination, Hollander had to go straight to the set because he was directing another episode. “It was nice because I was with all my guys and everyone was really excited. Liev, Jon and everyone was working with me that day. We celebrated by working, which is generally what we do here.”

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In his Emmy episode, Hollander had to direct a big action sequence in which Ray (Schreiber) and Mickey (Voight) have a shoot-out with Armenians. He recalls, “we had only enough time to do one take of everything. I had about 55 set-ups to make the whole thing come together. It was a really fun day because everyone did it. There wasn’t one mistake. Bullets hit where they were suppose to hit. The blood pump worked the way it was suppose to work. Liev took the shot right where he was suppose to take it. It was joyous.”

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