[WATCH] ‘Rogue One’ stars Felicity Jones & Riz Ahmed: ‘It was a wonderful experience all around’

The cast and crew of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” have been busy this season. We’ve chatted with some of the cast and crew of the sci-fi blockbuster as they’ve made the rounds this fall to discuss their other high-profile projects, and we couldn’t help but ask about what is likely to be one of the biggest blockbusters of the year.

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Lead actress Felicity Jones, who plays Rebel spy Jyn Erso, also stars in the emotional drama “A Monster Calls.” Co-star Riz Ahmed, as pilot Bodhi Rook, is now a Golden Globe and SAG nominee for his leading role in the HBO miniseries “The Night Of.” And cinematographer Greig Fraser is also celebrating the success of another awards contender this year, “Lion.” See what they had to say about “Rogue One,” and then follow the links below to check out their complete interviews.

Felicity Jones on the anticipation building before the film’s release: “I’m just looking forward to it coming out, and then I can actually talk about it. It was a fantastic experience. There was a lot of action and running and fighting. We were constantly running away from storm troopers, which was pretty cool. It was just a wonderful experience all around … I just hope people enjoy it.”

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Riz Ahmed on the biggest differences between his characters: “Obviously they’re just really different characters. That was the main difference … Naz is someone forced to be very still … and these chemical rumblings of transformation are happening under the surface, whereas Bodhi Rook is on the run, flying spaceships … so that has a kind of kinetic energy, and he’s a frenetic character.”

Greig Fraser says “Lion” and “Rogue One” seem different, but his process is fundamentally the same: “If you were to tell me that there’s a massive difference between those two films, I would probably disagree with you. Both films fundamentally rely on characters, and characters’ interactions between each other, and the situation they’re placed in. So even though all the periphery is incredibly different on both movies, fundamentally, they’re identical.”

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