SAG Awards 2016 LIVE blog: Let’s dish the best, worst and craziest moments

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Gold Derby editors and contributors can’t stifle what we think of every moment at the SAG Awards. Here are live musings on the best, worst and craziest moments from Tom O’Neil, Paul Sheehan, Daniel Montgomery, Rob Licuria, Riley ChowRalph Galvan, Zach Laws, Amanda Spears and myself.

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ROB: SAG voters just slowed down momentum for “The Big Short,” and Oscar pundits the world over needed to lie down and recuperate from the perpetual migraine that is this Oscar season.

AMANDA: Damn it! I switched at the last minute against my better judgement! Broke actors are never going to vote for a smug group of people making money when others are hurting. Ruffalo congrats on taking advantage of your time and give a good Oscar Audition.

ZACH: Well damn, this really is a close race.

DANIEL: That confused feeling when you’re super happy for the cast of “Spotlight” but super mad that you don’t know what the hell to do about the Oscars.

MARCUS: Wow, my film picks were really off this year. But I killed it on the TV side!

AMANDA: “Um” is not something anyone should say that much in an acceptance speech. Especially when you’re the favorite. Start thinking about what you will say when you win the Oscar so “um” won’t be what we remember forever.

ZACH: And Brie Larson takes one more step towards that eventual Oscar victory.

PAUL: “Downton” benefitted from airing during the voting period.

PAUL: They spelled Anne Meara’s name wrong during “In Memoriam” — inexcusable.


MARCUS: So happy for Viola Davis, the best actress currently on television. Next up, will Jon Hamm win his first ever individual SAG Award?

Leonardo DiCaprio (‘The Revenant’) wins 2016 SAG Award for Best Film Actor — Oscar next?

AMANDA: Bravo Elba!! Line of the night. It should have received a louder response!

TOM: Oh, no! I bullied some of you into picking Winslet and I was soooo wrong! Please allow me to share some of the blame with Ralph and Tariq. Let the public flogging begin!

MARCUS: #SAGSoBlack is trending on Twitter. What an amazing night.

ROB: SAG voters love them some Idris Elba. Congrats to him on the double.

AMANDA: I’m 1/2 so far on predicting Elba and now I’m afraid I have “Beasts” to low.

DANIEL: Idris Elba wins a second SAG Award! I want him to dual-wield them as weapons “Kill Bill”-style against the motion picture academy.

MARCUS: A truly great night for diversity. In fact, the only category that went to a non-white, non-trans character was Best Film Supporting Actress, a category that had only white ladies to choose from.

AMANDA: They have time for a clip show about nothing but they cannot give an Ensemble Award for TV Movies/Miniseries. Does that make sense?

ROB: I love that Idris won this. Not even nominated for an Oscar! Just adds to what has already been such a difficult year to predict. And GREAT NEWS for Sly Stallone!

ZACH: For once, it looks as if SAG voters are not trying to predict the Oscars. Well deserved, Idris: I only wish the academy could recognize you as well.

AMANDA: So Netflix is having a good night! Anyone who’s seen “Beast of no Nation” will tell you this is not out of guilt. Elba is 100% deserving of recognition.

MARCUS: Aargh — another late switch cost me! FYI, Elba becomes the first person in SAG history to win a film award without an Oscar nomination. Wow.

AMANDA: Winslet is about to get Zeta-Jones’ed. Remember for “Chicago” they put her in the lead at the Globes and Streep won for “Adaptation.” History is repeating itself.

ZACH: Why, oh why, did I switch at the last minute to Kate Winslet?!?

DANIEL: Alicia Vikander wins SAG, and I think that Oscar category might have gone from wide open to just about shut.

AMANDA: Congrats Vikander! Somewhere Felicity Jones is tearing her hair out!

MARCUS: He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named convinced me to switch from Alicia Vikander to Kate Winslet after our last slugfest. Aargh! That’s what I get for not sticking with my own instincts.

DANIEL: With “Orange,” I also wonder what the gender makeup is of SAG-AFTRA. I would guess it has a larger proportion of women than other industry groups like directors, writers and producers — which might make a show like this hold up better at the SAG Awards than it has at other awards this year.

AMANDA: Comedy Ensemble. I hate reruns but loved the message they gave with their speech!

MARCUS: Of the three comedy races, two are repeats of last year and one was a foregone conclusion. I hope SAG proves to be more unpredictable in the drama races.

DANIEL: “Orange” wins Best Comedy Ensemble again. Biggest cast doesn’t always win, but it never hurts.

AMANDA: Usually hate it when people present awards to friends but a mini-“Arrested Development” reunion I’ll take any day of the week.

MARCUS: As a huge “Arrested Development” fan, “Get up here, Dad,” might be my very favorite SAG moment of all time. Well done, Jason Bateman and Jeffrey Tambor.

PAUL: Does anyone think Sarah Silverman has ever been funny?

MARCUS: Dangit! I had a feeling they were going to copy most of last year’s TV winners, so I knew Uzo Aduba would have been the safe bet. You were robbed, Julia!

AMANDA: If my sister and I were in the same profession like Kate and Rooney Mara and one was more successful than the other, the successful one would live in constant fear of our eyes being scratched out!

RILEY: With its fifth consecutive win for Best TV Stunt Ensemble, “Game of Thrones” has more wins in the category than all of the other past winners combined.

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