[WATCH] Salvador Perez on the Costume Designers Guild

Costume Designers Guild chief Salvador Perez believes Gold Derby recently did a great job predicting his awards. Out of 750 people who made picks, our contest winner prevailed by nailing all but one category.

“There’s a lot of great costume design work out there, so getting 5 out of 6 awards—that’s impressive,” Perez says in our webcam chat in which we discuss all aspects of his guild: how it works and what constitutes best costume design.

This latter point can sometimes be controversial because designers don’t always stitch each outfit from scratch. So what can they take credit for when it’s time to dole out awards?

“Where you get the pieces shouldn’t matter—if you’re custom-making a costume, renting it or buying it,” he says. “What you put together – that is the costume. It can be white t-shirt and jeans or an Elizabethan gown.”

In his daytime job, Perez creates the look and style of “The Mindy Project.”

“So often I get asked by eager fans of Mindy Kaling, ‘Who is she wearing?'” he adds. “It doesn’t matter what brand it is. It’s what I did with it. How I put together the clothes — that’s the costume design process.”

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