[PHOTOS] Oscars: Top 25 scariest performances of all time, but who’s #1?

An often-cited Oscar myth is that you have to play a likable character to take home the award. Be someone with physical disability or disease (like Eddie Redmayne in “The Theory of Everything” or Matthew McConoughey in “Dallas Buyer’s Club”) or take on some heroic cause (like when Sally Field fought for factory worker’s rights in “Norma Rae” or when Meryl Streep tried to save her children from Nazi’s in “Sophie’s Choice”). But many performers have won Oscars for their interpretations of nasty and, dare we say, even frighteningly scary characters.

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While scare-filled events such as Halloween and the presidential election have passed for this year, our photo gallery of 25 actors and actresses may provide just enough chills for any thrill-seeking movie fan who’s looking for a walk on the dark side. That should counteract all the good cheer and giving of thanks this season brings with it. Click through our photo gallery above highlighting the Top 25 scariest performances of all time at the Oscars.

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Whether it be actual chills such as murder, kidnapping or hostage-taking or more subtle ones such as those stemming from barbed vicious attitudes and poisonous actions, the photo gallery above highlights the 25 actors who either won an Oscar or were nominated for their roles. Just to clarify, by “scary” we take a look at performances we respect but where actors have dared to inspire chills among for the audience. None of the characters in this group are people we’d want to meet on a dark night, so brace yourselves for Oscar’s scariest performances.

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