[WATCH] Seth Meyers (‘Late Night’) dishes presidential politics and being a new dad

“The more that’s happening that’s getting covered in the news, the more our viewers care about. I feel like that’s always more so in an election year,” reveals Seth Meyers about his daily NBC program “Late Night with Seth Meyers” covering presidential politics during 2016. In our recent video chat (watch above), he adds, “It just generates so much more material for us to mess around with. I don’t think it’s probably great for the country with how early this whole process starts now.”

Meyers and his producers made one big change to the show’s format last August. The longtime “Weekend Update” anchor for “Saturday Night Live” decided to start the show behind a desk instead of a traditional stand-up monologue. Meyers says, “It didn’t strike us as the biggest change when we made it, but it was nice the attention we got for it. I always felt like each show started when I got back behind the desk. In a weird way, when doing the monologue I was serving as the warm-up comic for my own show.”

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“Late Night” will be on the Emmy ballot this summer as Best Variety Talk Series, so he could be nominated as a producer and writer for that program. He also is a co-creator of “Documentary Now” for IFC along with stars Fred Armisen and Bill Hader. That show could be competing as Best Variety Sketch Series. Meyers is already a 14-time Emmy nominee with a 2011 win for Best Original Music and Lyrics (“Justin Timberlake Monologue” on “SNL”).

Another new aspect of Meyers’ life is the birth of his first child, a son named Ashe born in late March. On being a new dad he says, “I’ve got a newborn, so that’s pretty much taking up 23 hours of the day. It’s funny who quickly they go from a baby, and then you start realizing, ‘oh this is a small human being that I’m going to spend the rest of my life with’.”


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